Jul 152000

Today’s Journal entry is dedicated to my dear friend Jim Gurley, who send me the lovely poems I will first share with you.

Seeing is Believing

Light does not fall casually
On your patterns

I see no struggle
In your measured

Geometries of the mind
You bear us up.

At the ballet
They would call what I see

It’s the carpenter next door
Laying floors and stairs
Against a blue white sky
On the roof
Where he stands.

Serene white sails
On the horizon
A Sunday sun filling
All space
Under my green umbrella
A cool breeze
A fat pigeon
Outcroppings of the spirit
In the surround.

At Ishara*
Even the stones pray
In rising forms of mercy
And peace

James Gurley

*) Location of a Buddhist cemetry


A year ago, almost to the day, I recorded the following:

Went in search of a chatroom. Found one in ICQ. Guess what?
Taotalk – discussion and pragmatic aspect

But then comes:

Channel Philosophy.

Type: Friends. (must be a member to chat)

Instructions: Log in or Join.

This ‘log in’ scares me. What is the difference between a username and a loginname? Which code goes where?

On the door so to speak I find


What’s happening?

Mountain Dialogue –
You ask why I’ve settled in these
Emerald mountains, and so I smile,
Mind at ease of itself,
And I say nothing.
Peachblossom drift streamwater away deep in mystery.
It’s another heaven and earth, nowhere amongst people.

Li Po, 8th Century

Now what?

First of all I must find a quote from the Tao. It seems all my books are in Awas.

Secondly, I need another name. Maybe I will call myself Casurina. It’s one of my favourite trees.

Sitting on rock
Listen to the sea
Talk too loud
Better like the whisper
Of Casurina

Believe it or not. This just came to me. I feel like crying. The word ‘casurina’ took me to Naval’s beach house in Kihim. I saw the surf, the rocks, and felt very close to those magnificent casurina trees on his land.

Is this my ‘web miracle’? It is as though Li Po is looking over my shoulder, saying – you don’t need books, my dear. It’s all there. Just LISTEN. — Thank you Li Po.

And thank you Jim, for reminding me to share my “Tao talk”. Today the Mountain Dialogue is even more beautiful than it was a year ago. I smile. And I say nothing.