Jul 072000

When I try to pry open a closed mind, I become abusive. It’s very frustrating when you want to share something worthwhile and find no takers. When I want to needle someone, I become calm and rational. From experience I know nothing is worse than an unrequited tantrum.

This morning I found both these ‘selves’ in the Sceptic’s Dictionary site’s readers comments.

The web has almost cured me of minding closed minds – read my journal and take it or leave it. With the power to share my level of frustration has become minimal.

I would love to meet all the wonderful people who contribute to this fun-game of giving pin-pricks to get attention and for the joy of pouring balm to heal.

Chris writes to Robert:

‘Your article on Therapeutic Touch shows clearly your arrogant disdain for this healing system you appear to know little about. I have found closed mind skeptics rarely learn anything. How can they? Their minds are closed.’

Robert replies:

‘I agree I have disdain for TT and other forms of energy medicine, such as Ayurvedic medicine. However, I would call my disdain contemptuous, rather than arrogant.’

Since this happens on the net, there’re no feathers flying, no daggers drawn, no four letter words let loose.

Then there is a discussion about Harry Oldfield and his crystal therapy. It so happens that my friend Yamuna (M.B.B.S., D.A.D.Ac., M.Ac.F., FFHom.,M.D.(T.M.), Acupuncturist, became interested in Harry Oldfield’s crystal therapy. When Harry came to Bombay to demonstrate his equipment there was a private show for about thirty people in our home – and I got a free healing. With my unquenchable faith in alternate healing methods, I’m sure I benefited.



Let me share a discovery: The Skeptic’s Dictionary is a fantastic reference source. My first click brought me instantly to www.spiritnetwork.com.

It’s a beautiful site. It was like getting a lovely surprise gift. Here you find more about:

  • What is Spiritualism
  • Crystals & Gemstone Guide
  • Look Within
  • Creative Visualization
  • Aromatherapy
  • What is Homeopathy?
  • Service in Light
  • Human Energy Fields
  • Crop Circles

And many others.

Two weeks ago, in Pune, Ferusan took me to ‘The Crystal Cave’ and put some beautiful crystals into my hand. I brought them home.

Now I am learning interesting facts about crystals and gemstones and that my rose quartz is best used for healing, energy, concentration, intuition. It is best worn over the heart, and makes an excellent gift as an expression of love and it is said to have positive effects on the receiver.

Double-terminated crystals can neutralize negative energies.

Again I have come a full cycle.

On the first day at home I broke my beautifully polished, shiny, two-ended rose crystal. The slender site ends in a pyramid. On the broader site it is gently rounded. Going to sleep I had kept it near my heart. In the morning it was on the floor, broken.

The thought came to me, I probably need the energy from an UNPOLISHED rose crystal. Checked this thought out with the pendulum I also got from The Crystal Cave. The answer is very distinctly YES! (Unquenchably gullibly and it’s fun!)