Jul 052000

Talking of India, children who go to an English medium school are overburdened with school work, homework, tuition, tests and anxieties. When I read about a teenager’s suicide because he or she failed in the finals, I feel guilty. I feel I failed to make it known that not passing is not the end of the world. In some cases, it may even be the first step on the road to fame and fortune.

Of course you can’t tell that to the children. The kids won’t believe you and the parents will want to murder you.


Last weekend I shared these thoughts with Husan. She is a teacher and her charges are fifteen and sixteen year olds.

‘Can you give them a project of your choice?’ I asked. Yes, she confirmed, once in a while she can do that. She also said all her kids, thirty in number, had access to the internet.

Here is the plan: There will be five groups of five kids each, who will go on expeditions and do research with one or two key words for each group. They have to elect a group leader, who will be the editor and decide what goes into the report. First they have to collect the material. Then they have to say how much time they need to make their report to the rest of the class. Ultimately there will be a price. The class will select the winner.

In addition to the joint reports, the kids are encouraged to write essays individually (for a second price). This is voluntary and not part of the exercise.

We picked five topics.

However unrelated they may seem at first sight, they have underlying synchronicity. Perhaps you, who reads this, just for the fun of it might come along and see what you find.

For me the web is full of new ideas, more knowledge, love and caring, and of course sharing.

The key words for the Yahoo Search Engine are:

  • Nicola Tesla
  • Edgar Cayce
  • Dolphins
  • Crop Circles
  • Channelling

To make sure enough sites can be found with these key words, I made a brief check.

Nicola Tesla – the first thing which jumped into my eye was that the man had registered more than 700 patents. (Inspiring?)

Edgar Cayce – I thought I had all his books, but found eight new titles, including ‘Spirituality for busy people’ and ‘Soul Development’. Edgar Cayce of course never wrote a book. These titles are collections of his psychic readings.

(Just to get you used to the idea of how useful the web and the Akashic Records can be.)

Dolphins – they say we have two dolphins in Bombay Harbour who sometimes swim along with the ferry to Mandwa. There are many dolphin sites on the web. I hope the kids will find Joan Ocean who swims and talks with the dolphins.

(Passing the finals is not a matter of life and death. We have this fabulous coast line and could do with a few sites where they teach you to swim with the dolphins. How about it?)

Crop Circles – Plenty of sites to visit. I love to look at them and imagine their creation by heavenly sounds. Busty Taylor’s Crop Circle Page has new ones of early July 2000, Wiltshire, late June, Hampshire, early July, Wiltshire.

(There are supposed to be many in India too.)

Channelling – I opened Physics of the Mysterious – ‘Us’ in the Future. (Well kids, go for it!)