Aug 222000


Kelly’s newsletter guided me to her gemstone remedies site A-Z, where I found Rose Quartz to be one of the most useful gemstones for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

It seems like Bach’s flower remedies, gemstones affect the vibrations of our aura-bodies, bringing them into balance and harmony. Rose Quartz according to Kelly’s list, helps alone or together with other stones, to remedy abuse, acne, aging, anorexia, love and many more.

ADOLPHILLITE CRYSTALS, Kelley says, aid in becoming spiritually aware in everyday life and fill the aura with light and joy.

I have no scientific means to establish whether the lovely blue stone I bought in Poona is such a crystal. It has clear quartz inside, pale green and pale rose crystal streaks. There is also the glitter of amethyst and a prism with the rainbow colors. One point beams like a torch.

The best I could do is to ask my pendulum whether we have a Zeolite here (it said yes) and whether this particular Zeolite might be called an Adolphillite Crystal. It said ‘yes’ again.

I’m too new to the pendulum to distinguish between wishful thinking and absolute truth – but if absolute truth is “nothing” and wishful thinking creates “everything” then we have a crystal here that will aid my spiritual awareness. It is already filling my heart with light and joy – so let something spill over into the aura. (Or is it the other way round?)

India is of course very rich in crystals and it is still possible to find beautiful pieces at relatively little cost. My present quest for crystals is nothing more and nothing less than shopping for energy. We surround ourselves with things because they give us energy (that they drain it when we have to do the washing and dusting is another matter).

It’s the game of life and how we play it – and if I want to play it with crystals, who’s there to say no? (Me of course. No more now!) But may I not have that beautiful Kuan Yin carved from multi-colored fluorite offered by my friends at Crystal Power? No. Not now. First you have to write about Kuan Yin. Well, what is there to write? She is a little Bodhisattva who “harkens to the cries of the world” and she grants your wishes. So what’s so special about that? All gods and goddesses do the same, don’t they? Well, em, ah, hmm I don’t really know, but whatever, Kuan Yin does it without us having to give or to promise anything.