Aug 072000

Synchronicity is a recent addition to my vocabulary. In the olden days people synchronized films and dance numbers and noticed an occasional coincidence, like you think of a friend and she calls, or you wonder today what happened to him and his letter arrives a week later.

Even with seventy-five thousand definitions and ten thousand new entries, synchronicity is not included in my Oxford Dictionary of current English. Nor did synchronicity find a place in my Random House Dictionary of the English Language, even though it calls itself The Unabridged Edition and weighs a ton.

Synchronicity, it seems, is a child of the cyber-culture. The web tells me, it can best be translated with ‘meaningful coincidence’.

We no longer believe in random coincidences.

Miracle? Yes!

Meaningful coincidences? Absolutely!

Let me take you through a recent example of synchronicity.


In June 2000, two days before we went to Pune for a short holiday with friends, I came across a one web-page information on Physics of Tachyon (never heard of Tachyon) which caught my interest because it mentioned Tesla.

Years ago I read Nicola Tesla (1856-1943), an old man by then, had talked about a Free Energy (it is so easy – you just plug yourself in). His fellow scientists pronounced him senile.

Nobody listened to Tesla.


In Pune, my friend Ferusan took me to a place called Crystal Cave where she put a strange crystal-construction into my hand. I could not let go of it. It felt, well something like the puppy you pick up and you instantly know it’s the one you have to take home. I bought it.

She then took me to a tiny, sparkling clean shop where a diminutive Chinaman displayed an array of glass rings, pyramids, glass pendants, and pendulums. I touched a multi-facet piece of blue glass and my friend said this was a ‘Tree of Life’ (well, if you say so). The Chinaman showed me a support belt for the back. It looked very plain. The price shocked me. He said it will last a lifetime. It was a Tachyon-belt, he said.

The word Tachyon rang a bell. Please write it down for me, I said.

We inspected a few colored rings. The Chinaman called them donuts. This reminded us that our husbands were waiting next door at the German Bakery, so we left.


Yesterday I cleaned out my handbag and there was a slip of paper with ‘Tachyon’ written on it.

I asked the Yahoo search engine for Tachyon and learned something about tachyon products, including donuts and trees of life. All very interesting . I also learned Tachyons are theoretical subatomic particles traveling faster than the speed of light.

Was this I heard or did I dream

I’m Tachyon
I am your Beam
Your endless source of energy
I’m clean, I’m infinite, I’m free.