Aug 222000

Beyond the power to share there now seems to be a distinct urgency to use this power constantly. The generosity of people who share their ability to entertain, amuse, teach and counsel free of charge, and the willingness of people to share their specialized knowledge, their writings, their ideas, their insights freely and often with express permission to re-print is simply amazing.

The least I can do is to tell friends and neighbors how I go about it, and hope their time will come soon to partake in the feast of knowledge, information and new ideas which the web offers.

This morning I received Greetings and Welcome to Avelon’s Alternate Health Newsletter and Crystal Blessings from Kellie Jo Conn. Of late I have re-discovered my fascination for crystals. Some time in the seventies on a visit to the famous Ajanta Caves, I discovered quartz crystals with amethyst fillings and started to collect geodes and rocks with interesting crystals growing on them. I also filled a basket with Agate eggs. Things were cheap in those days and I hardly noticed my collection becoming less. The last few big stones were to form part of a rock garden at Awas but vanished amongst the flower beds.

Now I started again collecting crystals and information about them. During my first crystal-phase I even bought the Penguin dictionary of geology. It’s staring at me now as though angry about having been left on the shelves for so many years (and not even opened during the occasional dusting). Do books have a life of their own? Never thought about it.

Kellie Jo has a beautiful web-side – try or simply ask for crystal therapy and find Avalon. Her crystals glow with light and her spirit shines through the pages. The newsletter I received talks of the Zeolite family of minerals, a popular group for collectors and an important group for industrial and healing purposes. The most popular varieties for healing purposes are discussed in the first article.

MESOLITE, I learn, is helpful to build relationships and to use as a team crystal. Metaphysically it provides us with proper energy to come together in group settings for a common goal. It is about communication with the spiritual worlds and is helpful in discovering information from ancient civilizations. On the physical level, Mesolite is helpful in enhancing circulation and in the treatment of wounds.

Zeolite crystals have been grown aboard a space shuttle I read, which reminds me of an argument I had with a former colleague, who happened to be a geologist. I had just learned about “the secret life of stones” and he even denied that crystals could grow! And now they even grow in space shuttles!

Then I had a letter from Ingeborg

Ingeborg saw a reference to my journal and asks ‘where is it’?

Before telling her I went briefly to reise-zum-selbst and have asked whether this site is available in English. I just opened two pages – one with Ingeborg explaining the meaning of angels in her life, the other an article from Andreas Buechel dated 15th August, 2000.

Andreas is a lightworker who beams on my frequency. It seems we have almost gone the same path – probably started the same year if not the same moment. Andreas is building a bridge between lightworkers and “3D” folk. The whole thing is of course about speeding the evolution of all mankind so that we, who “have seen the light” don’t have to wait too long for the next exciting installment (dimension, plane, whatever).

The dolphin who plays on Andreas’ “Lichtspiel” page is an added attraction.

Again I detect a certain synchronicity. I decided to share this mornings innings on the web with the friends who are coming to dinner tonight . At the same time I fear crystals, angels and whether books can feel, simply don’t feature in their worlds of chores and shares. Immediately I find contact with Andreas who says “Never mind about the 3D people – I’m working on it.”

Isn’t life fun?

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