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Anyone who has a web-site will confirm that the feedback we receive in the guest book, if positive, nourishes our spirit. Maybe Avalon Crystals, like Power to Share, is such a happy place to return to again and again, because Stan and Susan and Kerry Jo attract positive people.

Love your site,
your crystals are beautiful,
I am just beginning my journey of learning.
Your site has helped me a great deal and is a pleasure to visit.

This and many more in the same spirit are entered in Kerry Jo Conn’s guest book. A surprising number of visitors avowed, as I did, to tell others about the site of Avalon crystals at

Kelly sent me the Crystal Newsletter and I have been wondering how to reciprocate with an article. Why did Kerry pick “Avalon” as the name for her crystals? Names are important. Maybe there are influences at work when we give a name to a child or an enterprise which are so subtle that we ourselves do not know.

Returning to Atlantis ( after more than a year, I made an exciting discovery. Professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos who is the source of this magnificent site, has, while gathering evidence of the location of the lost continent, found equally convincing links to the Garden of Eden, the Island of Avalon and other legendary sites. Eden was the same as Lemurian Atlantis.

The Celts, Professor deSanto says, whose legends are perhaps the best recollection of the sunken golden realm – called the place “Avalon” or “Ynis Wydr,” which means “Island of Glass.”

Did Kerry consciously make the connection between her web-site and the golden realm of The Island of Glass?

And while we are still on crystals, let me pass on a message from Universal Etheric Crystal Network Project of Friday, 25th August 2000. This comes from Mark Stearn,

Our great flow continues
to ever build a truly exciting momentum!
The divine is now gaining a firm foothold
all throughout our great planet….
And it is with renewed fortitude
we will continue to shine
as the great pillars of light
We are light! We are love!
We are truly ALL THAT IS!

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  1. Neat site. I like it. Bravo.