Sep 192000

The Rainbow is not silent, if we but care to listen. Each color of the spectrum pours unseen powers into our world as vibrations. These vibrations interact with our own and influence our life.

The material world is alive with atomic motion. Motion creates sound. Colors are the spiritualization of sound. Colors are wonderful healing tools and mirrors of our thoughts. We may not be able to see each others Auras, but they certainly attract and, sometimes, repulse us.

Our Yoga teacher worked with ‘golden light’. One day my friend Carmel had a very bad throat. She tried to heal herself with golden light. Every time she imagined pouring golden light into her throat, the light changed to blue.

Now we know blue is the color of the throat chakra, but we still wonder what kind of cell intelligence refused the golden color and made it blue. Carmel’s throat incidentally improved immediately.

Chakras are vortexes of energy. Each chakra vibrates at a different speed and has therefore a different color. The slowest, the root chakra is red. The sacral chakra is orange. The solar plexus, or Manipur Chakra, is considered man’s second brain. Green is the heart chakra, blue for the throat and turquoise for Agna Chakra, the Third Eye or centre of intuition and wisdom. The thousand lotus crown chakra triggers our unlimited potential. An opening here heralds our so called enlightenment. offers “The Crystal Arcana” a range of books about the use of crysals for meditation, guidance, healing and wisdom.

Each book is accompanied by a collection of crystals presented in a velvet pouch. There is one called The Crystal Arcana Chakra Kit. Some are for dowsing, meditation, healing and healing the earth. Chrissie, the owner, says: “I take great pleasure in making each kit by hand and select, cleanse, clear, energize, attune and bless the crystals, make the velvet pouches and mats, making each pack unique.”

Chrissie makes and packs each kit in the peace and tranquility of her 14th century wooden barn in the heart of England, surrounded by trees and water.

This I think is worth sharing.
Blessed are the people who can say “I take great pleasure in making this by hand”.