Oct 252000

Mystic Rider, a neighbor of power to share has two dolphins playing in the moon light, introducing “No-Thought for the Day”. Today’s no-thought seems to be made known specially for me.

If you have not by nature a critical mind
Your staying here is useless.


I have by nature a critical mind and have often scolded myself for my inherent need to doubt everything that requires ‘faith’.

Question: Why?

Answer: Because I say so!

Immediate reaction: No! I won’t believe this unless I find out it is true.

My critical mind causes my rapacious hunger for knowledge. I want to know everything. I like to establish the truth of what I like. In this I am like the scientist who invents statistics to prove his point.

Do I hear a murmur of dissent? Don’t forget we live in an imagined universe.

We also live in the shadow of self-limiting ideas. Gurdjieff’s ‘no-thought’ made me realize that I have lived with the tenets “Faith is GOOD. A critical mind is BAD.”

Now that it is out in the open, I put it behind me and won’t give it another thought.

It struck me I had frequently read of Gurjieff, but never anything by him. This must be remedied.

Changing Horses:

Mystic Rider – Pathway to enlightenment – opens with a blue planet, in a blue, star-studded sea, with three dolphins swimming alongside and magic lights casting mystic shadows. With synchronicity hard at work, it leads me immediately to thirty-eight of Gurdieff”s Aphorisms. Each one makes a point to ponder. Here is an example:

Practice Love first on animals,
they are more sensitive.

What a wonderful idea. Animals are so easy to love.

It is said practice makes perfect.

Add: a little success with a bit of practice encourages us to practice more to become a big success.

Wild animals are easy to love for their fierce independence. Tame animals are lovable because they have infinite trust in us.

Changing Horses:

After Gurdjieff’s Aphorisms I rode bang into Ken Wilber – Philosopher and Transpersonal Psychologist and, if I may add, a Poet.

“Put bluntly”, Ken Wilber says, “The ego is not an obstruction to Spirit, but a radiant manifestation of Spirit. All Forms are not other than Emptiness, including the form of the ego. It is not necessary to get rid of the ego, but simply to live it with a certain exuberance. When identification spills out of the ego and into the Cosmos at large, the ego discovers that the individual atman is in fact all of a piece with Brahman. The big Self is indeed no small ego, and thus, to the extent you are stuck in your small ego, a death and transcendence is required.”

Yes, Ken, we know all this. Thanks for reminding me. Have added your books to my shopping cart.