Oct 252000

This morning Eia guided me to Angel Haven and Angel of the Day. I was invited to give my date of birth and was told that I was born on a Tuesday.

Tuesday’s Archangel is Samael. He protects me with a cloak of deep red violet for compassion, forgiveness and transformation. My element is Divine Love.

For more about Angels guide, I was asked to please visit angelsguide.com. You will probably find this at www.angelhaven.com.

I paid a visit.

The first ‘showcase’ was filled with delightful Cherubim figurines.

From there I went to Boyds. Perhaps one should systematically go one by one from Franceska GentleHeart to Domestica T. Whirlwind for full particulars. I only opened Calliope Clipsalot with Pinchy and Heather and Chris.

Clipsalot is the Guardian Angel of Pennies. Heather is the Guardian Angel of Volleyball. Pinchy I think was her cat, and Chris looks like grandmother’s Teddy Bear.

Then there are Angel Wind-Chimes. Of these I selected ‘Love Heals All’ (listen to the wind at the Angels feet).

Then I turned to the book page: The Great Tomorrow. There is one book I would like to read. It is called “The Messengers” and said to shed light on the original meaning of Christ’s doctrine.

There are very handsome Seraphim Classics figurines and there are angel prints. The guardian angel – a matted print in white and blue with a hue of green is a precious gift for the nursery. Then there are dreamsicle collectibles with an offer of free subscription to Monthly Dreamsicles News.

Glory of the Millennium almost has me in tears. Three beautiful angels in white and gold are lifting a shimmering Planet Earth into a higher realm. This figurine is as beautiful and as spiritual as the paintings of old masters.

And finally, the Little Surprise –
Peace … Guidance … Happiness.
Our most fervent prayers
Expressed in works rich with
Beauty and meaning.
With gold filigree wings and delicately
Flowing robes, each figurine represents a special angelic quality.

  2 Responses to “Window Shopping at Angel Haven”

  1. i would like to order a few of the boyds bears and friends, guardian angel of volleyball, folk -heather, heather with chris. can i still get these volleyball abgels?

  2. Dear Barb,

    Better check this with the folks of http://www.angelhaven.com/
    Their website is still up and running.

    Have a nice day,