Dec 242000

During the night of twenty-first to twenty-second December, I had a throbbing pain. One of my front teeth, part of a bridge, had gone septic. By morning I knew the bridge needs to come out immediately to get rid of the infection. There goes Christmas and our plans for the New Year Party and having friends over for a couple of weeks in January and………

Early morning, Dara, my husband, phoned our friend Raju, who had got in touch with our dentist friend Tanaz. Raju and his wife Dinaz offered to take me. Waiting for them I went through my lesson of the day, saw how much I had to be thankful for and concentrated on appreciation. Mid-morning I was in the dentist chair. Back home by lunchtime (but “don’t eat for an hour”) with the bridge knocked out, the root canal drained, the bridge temporarily refitted – and all without an injection. Tanaz has healing hands. I concentrated on appreciation, and an ordeal became a social occasion.

My Christmas Miracle is that this teeth-crisis happened on the fourth day of the six days Ascension Course, an e-mail course on finding and mastering your inner resources from Vidya Ishaya. The course is available free by sending a blanc e-mail to

I am a subscriber of Vidya Ishaya’s newsletter “The Seeds of Joy” and had replied to the poll question “What would your ideal life look like?” Here are some of the answers Vidya got back:

  • To live from my highest vision and most wonderful dream.
  • My life would be filled with purpose, joy, passion and compassion.
  • I’d know that I’m a “finder” rather than a “seeker”. (That “hole inside” I yearn to fill would be gone.)
  • I’d know in my heart exactly what I am committed to. I’d be delighted with that, and always moving towards more of that.
  • I’d have total clarity in my life.
  • I’d realize that my freedom is always present, and not dependent upon money.
  • I’d have the courage to do I choose to do.

It is so obvious that it might have escaped my notice that all these wonderful desires are “inside jobs”. Vidya Ishaya gives us a few simple tools which every one has and can use to achieve stillness, peace and contentment.

During the next two days when I find time I will finish the course and then perhaps again start from the beginning. I just thought I mention it to you in case you need to give yourself or a loved one a special Christmas gift. From now on I will distribute lots and lots of appreciation. Merry Christmas and thank you and bless you all.