Feb 142001

The first e-mail of the day came from my niece Farida, settled in Australia who sent me a verse shared by a friend:

May today there be peace within you.
May you trust God that you are exactly where
You are meant to be.
I believe that friends are quiet angels who
Lift us to our feet when
Our wings have trouble
Remembering how to fly.

Farida loves ‘bird droppings’ and ‘meditations’ and is also reading my journal. She left a note in my guest book that brought tears to my eyes. I feel the past is forgiven.

For many years I felt hurt and deserted. Farida had little time for us despite her increasingly frequent visits to Bombay. We hardly know her two beautiful daughters.

When Farida was born we lived in a joint family. My brother-in-law liked to take his young wife places. Dara and I liked to come home from work to spend quality time with our darling niece. Then one day a distant relative offered us a lovely flat in the suburbs and just when Farida left crawling and became a toddler, we left to set up our own home. Yes, I know. It is we who deserted the little girl. Farida’s kind words served as a reminder to forgive myself.

Here is my bird dropping of the day:

May today there be peace within you,
May today bring you a reminder
to forgive yourself.


It is strange how creativity can be blocked and suddenly become free-flowing again.

Let us agree that getting into extraordinary web-pages is creative. We do create the environment for wonderful thoughts and information to float, drift, press and push itself our way.

Still on the wavelength of our dear Farida, and the Australian connection I found Elders of Aboriginal Australia, listened to Dreamtime Stories and would like to pass their request:

“Not many people come here, you know.
They pass by.
They don’t see us.
They never say hello.
When you write your book, please tell them.
Just be friendly and talk to us and stay with us. Just stop by and say hello to us.
That’s all we ask.”


Farida is a christian scientist. Maybe this is what made me stop briefly at Faith and Practices.