Mar 062001

Today I felt need to visit Lichtinsel, the island of light and draw myself an Angel Card, to find out which angel accompanies me right now. You never guess! When I turned the card I was faced with the Guardian Angel of Maturity. This angel (the lesson says) helps us to become wise human beings, who can take responsibility and make fruitful decisions for more joy and well-being. He carries the lantern of wisdom and a trumpet, symbol of love for music – one of the most beautiful things of life.

He helps you to understand the growth and maturity process, he allows you to do things in life that you had always wanted to do, he empowers you to deal with the responsibilities of maturity.

Coincidentally I was humming to myself the lovely, soaring tune of LET IT BE, there will be an answer, let it be ….

And yes, of course I find myself in times of trouble. Is it not trouble when a few militant religious fanatics destroy my heritage? But I stopped weeping for the destruction of the great Buddha-sculptures in Afghanistan. Instead I imagine their resurrection on the spiritual plane to which the original master craftsmen have long been elevated.

After the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka introduced Buddhism into this area (that is now northwestern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan) in the third century BC, monasteries, stupas, and artifacts filled the Gandhara province. The art of Gandhara resembles Hellenistic stone sculpture. The two sculptures which the Taliban are destroying stand in the beautiful Bamiyan valley, 230 km northwest of Kabul at an elevation of 2500 m. They are hewn out of rock and are 53m and 38m high. Originally they were covered with a mud and straw mixture to model the expression of the face, the hands and the folds of the robes. This was then plastered and, finally, painted, the smaller Buddha blue, the larger one red, with hands and faces gold.

I am converting a hurt into a joy. Help me! It stands to reason that the races who created the magnificent Buddha sculptures have long passed from this earth. And as the sculptures are blasted here, I see other-dimensional craftsmen receive them in the form of vibrations. They have gathered at their mountain-side and are busy and happy to rehabilitate, re-constitute and re-establish these sculptures for the benefit and joy of other-dimensional travelers on the divine silk trade route. I have added large banyan trees, colorful paper flags and happy people to the mind-picture.