Mar 062001


The Honor of your
Is requested and respected
At this
Blessed Reception and Event.

So says Wistancia Stone in an article ‘Marriage of Science and Spirituality’. She awoke with an announcement from one of the archangels who then began downloading much of her article faster than she could think. They requested the honor of her Presence and mentioned the perfect language of numbers, the shimmering truth of shareability, the unmistaken inner-outer Truth of the Flower of Life, that is The Rose in God’s Garden. The article was posted on the web on Thursday, 1st March 200l.

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The article I found has 20 pages, with additional 2 pages of related topics. It echoes many of my thoughts and feelings that I can only take it as “the shimmering truth of shareability” and pass it on to whoever is waiting for. Noting the time difference and the fact that we were away for the weekend, I am amazed how quickly this article came my way. It contains:

  • A Primer on the Marriage of Spirit and Science in Very Elementary and Evolutionary Terms

And Chapters on

  • As Within, so Without
  • Taking a Warm Compress and Laying over a Wounded Heart
  • Love is the Nature of Life
  • Enter the Time of Shareability
  • All Paths Lead to the City of Light Eventually

And more.

The blue picture comes from my agate collection. The stone is its true size and as Nature made it – “a Rose in God’s garden.”