May 102001

Her husband adored Perin.

Every evening he came home, changed and then they went together to the Club, where he played tennis and she played bridge. That evening they had both been well pleased with their games and their friends. He drove and sang all the way home. Then she walked to the lift and he parked the car, locked the door and collapsed. He was dead by the time the watchman had helped them to reach the flat.

Perin visits me once a week, because it’s a good place to cry. We acknowledge the trauma caused by sudden death of a loved one. We face the grief and the cruel separation, for which no illness, no warning sign had prepared her.

Death, Grief and Separation, a channeled message written by Jani King, has come to help us both to share a moment of peace and thankfulness when we imagine the joy and freedom of the departed soul. We look again and again at the statement of our greatest truth:

We are, in every moment
No matter what the circumstances
A perfect and eternal expression of
The source.

After you leave your body in death, you find yourself in the most wondrous lightness of beingness. It is glorious, and in this new state of being you perceive yourself separate from no one and nothing. This is channeled wisdom, see

Perin has asked for two copies of the article, one for herself and one for a friend who recently lost her only son. A healthy, experienced mountaineer, 33 years old, he died in the Himalayas.

Perhaps I am a good conduit, because I speak from personal experience. You don’t have to be dead to experience this wondrous lightness of beingness. It happens spontaneously when we relax the physical body, still the intellect and allow our spiritual mind to show us a perfect and eternal expression of I AM.

On Jani King’s web-side I found P’taah’s Quote of the Week:

You are so powerful that you create
your universe moment-by-moment
and its beauty cries out to you
“look at me, I’m your perfect reflection”
How often do you begin your day
by looking at the beauty that surrounds you?
How often do you start your day by saying
“Indeed I give thanks from the God/Goddess
of my being for this wondrousness
that I have co-created
that shows me how perfect I am.
that shows me the miracle
I am
Right now.”

Then I found P’taah’s ‘Morning Song’. It seems as though it was written just for me. It is a song of giving thanks see

And I need reminders to say ‘thank you’ more often. So let me start right now:

“Thank you for the excitement and adventure of the millions of wondrous possibilities and wondrous probabilities.”