May 192001

The current millenium has roughly 998 years to go before we enter the next millenium. Today I found this “Meditation for the Millenium 2000 AD”

And may these
Begin with me.

It is easy to remember and sounds like a mantra. Let me adopt it for my remaining years in the current millenium. In particular I like the word “Harmlessness.” Nowadays I pay more attention to harm less, be more watchful to avoid unkind words, thoughtless acts, willful destruction of the environment. Within my jurisdiction I ban plastic bags and plastic bottles, nor do we cast chemical fertilizer into the earth, or spray pesticides into the air.

Complete abstinence is not possible. So let me be content with harm-less-ness.

Here is another treasure I like to share:

Each time you are kind and gentle
And encouraging
Each time you try to understand
Because you really care,
My heart begins to grow wings …
Very small wings
Very feeble wings
But wings!

Who am I? You may wonder.
I am someone you know very well.
For I am really every man or woman you meet.

(From “Please Hear Me” by Charles C. Finn.)