May 022001

We are entering the Time of Shareability says Wistancia Stone. We are in massive merge mode now and the intensity of the transition is accelerating every day. Wistancia can see the energy of it pouring into the planet and into our bodies on a daily basis now. Massive amounts of love and light energies and preparation energies are being stepped down, downloaded, downsized and dropped like tiny tornadoes into our bodies, our cells, our nadis and our world. We are running on New Time Now. The Divine Timing of the Creator is at a different pace now. Things are moving very quickly, frequencies rising and magnetic fields altering and dropping.

Collectively, humankind is preparing and being prepared at inner levels and receiving the light of preparation, transcendence and ascension. We are moving more As One Now.

It was the word ‘shareability’ that caught my attention. There is the information super-highway of the Internet. Consider also, says Wistancia, the super-highway of our nervous systems being re-wired and coming ‘on line’ in the brain. Add to this the power of organizing global prayer and meditation, and the information download in dreams and visions coming in from the Masters and Light Beings. This is indeed the time of using our divine, innate abilities and having, through technology, the ability to share everything that we receive in the way of knowledge and wisdom.

Of late my friend Delia in Arlington shared a number of interesting articles and a lovely card with the message:

Everything on Earth has a purpose
Every disease an herb to cure it
And every person a mission.