May 062001

Had someone asked me earlier to define the Christ Spirit, I would have said, “Love and Light” but felt I’m missing something. The question here is of course, “What is the Christ Spirit in a person?” Today I found an answer I’d like to share:

The Christ Spirit in a person
is a state of consciousness
that is defined by
unconditional love,
and total reverence for life and self.

We are familiar with forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love, but the complete, absolute, total reverence for life and self has not yet – at least in me – taken firm roots. It was a big step forward when the Handbook of Higher Consciousness told me, “Remember, you are the best person you know how to be.” It helped me to become less critical of myself. It serves as a useful reminder that he or she, who may irritate me, are likewise the best persons they know how to be. But total reverence for life and self goes much beyond mundane interaction with people and nature. It contains all creation.

Sometimes I have a glimmer of the joy inherent in the reverence for all life. Think of a barren stretch of land, treeless and parched. There is a water pipe running through, and a tap where a little water is sometimes spilled. In the small area receiving water, a multitude of grasses and plants spring to life. Different greens, different shapes, tiny white, pink, yellow and blue flowers vying for attention.