May 212001

Welcome! You are here amongst 50 million friends. You have opened this page. You are reading this journal. You had at least 300 million other pages to choose from. What brought you here? Obviously you belong to the new race of cultural creatives.

Sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson have discovered a new social type – which they call cultural creatives. Their research uncovered a community of thinkers who reject worldviews of scarcity and fear, and see nature as sacred.

Cultural Creatives, says Paul Ray, have added a whole group of moral concerns and new values. They care about ecology and saving the planet, also about relationships — often from a woman’s perspective. They have concerns for peace, that is, getting beyond war – not just anti-war, but actual movement towards peace. They have concerns for social justice. But we are also talking about a whole group of values related to authenticity, spirituality, self-expression, new moral concerns.

Recognize yourself? Sherry Anderson counts us in, because we try to find something that will satisfy the yearning of our hearts. In spirituality, she says, you usually have a practice. Your practice may be a healing practice. Your practice may be a meditation. It may be the practice of service. But almost always there is some kind of practice in which the sense of self begins to evolve and open to something that is far less limited than the one you started out with.

Although I did not know it then, my encounter with Cultural Creatives happened many years ago at Heathrow. The Air India flight to Bombay was delayed by several hours, long enough to give passengers a free lunch at the airport. I sat at a table with eleven strangers who wore identity tags and did not speak. We ate our soup in total silence. Since they were all young men, I thought maybe they take the lead from me. So I inquired why this identity tag? And then I had eleven nice people all talking at the same time, trying to explain themselves. They were a group from South America, going to visit Maharishi Yogi in New Delhi. Later they carried my hand-luggage, found my seat, made me comfortable and took turns telling me their philosophy of changing the world with positive thought. I am generally a reluctant and nervous flyer, but that flight was wonderful. It was like having GOD on the plane – I mean a special, loving, totally comforting energy.

Try and read the article A new spirituality movement, 50 million strong adapted from the Christian Science Sentinel (