Jun 262001

There’s no benefit in limiting the love I am.

There’s no benefit in denying the truth I am.

There’s no benefit in avoiding the freedom I am.

Any limitation is an act of violence.

To limit is to deny what I really am.

To limit is to believe that the one and only mind can be divided into separate parts.

To limit is to make myself suffer from lack of wholeness, lack of health.

I will inevitably experience what I believe to be true. It doesn’t make sense to deny my experience, but it’s quite realistic to question my belief system if it doesn’t make me happy.

However, there is no dream that can affect reality. So, nothing real needs to be changed to restore the mind to its wholeness. Separation never happened, no matter what my experiences may be in this dream world. In my experience of life this was once demonstrated during a meditation session by an excruciating pain in my legs that suddenly gave in to a glorious feeling of well-being. At another time a free fall into an abyss of anxiety landed me softly in a state of peaceful bliss. Only reality is totally safe and harmless.

The dream of denial can only be kept going by fear; the fear of waking up; the fear of losing my individual existence in the blissful boundlessness of being now-here.

All we can basically say to each other is: just see for yourself if you want to know reality. When I want to see for myself I won’t let any group-think, any judgment, any likes and dislikes of the ego, interfere with my seeing. Seeing for myself also means that as soon as I become aware of any ego-interference I simply return to my own impartial way of seeing. Let it be, no matter what. I certainly am not going to engage with any interference. Labeling something as interference is already giving in to its distraction. No need to label anything. I’m just seeing for myself. This is pure meditation. Meditation doesn’t always need seclusion. A practical thing that needs to be done immediately can be simply done without giving it another thought. That way, working hard is like dancing in timelessness because it won’t disturb my natural way of being. There’s joy and a great sense of freedom in all this. To be fully with everything, without avoiding anything, is being fully free.

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