Jun 152001

After getting onto the net in 1999, June, I played chess and talked to opponents across the board. Then I discovered the chess notice board. There was a message posted by ‘oracle’ on philosophy with topics like what is happiness, what is justice, are our decisions really our own, how does God relate to all this? There was an avalanche of replies and most interesting responses. I replied to oracle and later to responses from Jai Patti, Starla, Talan071 and others. Times and again I went to the notice board, always finding “Access Denied”.

This morning, after many months, I had a casual look at what has been added to ‘Post a Message’ on the subject of Spirituality. Almost immediately I find Talan071, this time on the topic of survival after death. I left word on the notice board that there is some ‘mail’ for him from 1999. If it is meant to be he will find me, and if he does I will thank him for having inspired my home-page. This just struck me when I re-read my first response to him:

Dear Talan071,

You say somehow our modern world has come to mock everything of depth. If it is philosophy, it is a joke. And what is serious? Clothes, cars, money, girls (boys) etc. And then you are damned if you actually view things differently.
Listen to this and see if you recognize yourself. “Our race (meaning all people on earth) is at present going through a most important period of evolution. It is passing from the unconscious stage of spiritual development into the conscious stage. Many have already attained their conscious stage, and many more are awakening to it. This gradual awakening to spiritual consciousness is causing all the unrest in today’s world of thought. We are breaking away from old ideals and forms. We hunger for truth. We run between new truths and old truths re-stated. It is a critical period in the history of the human race. People in this (breaking away) phase of development are regarded as “odd” by their associates. Particularly in early life they appear “old” to their companions. They feel as if they were strangers in a strange land.”
Does this sound familiar to you?

Some friends may remember the reason for having “Access Denied”. I was working with “free” hotmail and had not activated the e-mail account from my server, which, in my total ignorance I knew nothing about. Each time I was asked for my e-mail address I gave my hotmail address, and therefore was blackballed. But that may not have been the only reason. In retrospect it seems someone was leaning on me … Don’t waste time here on the chess notice board, get on with your letters, your book and go and discover the Power to Share. And by the time I discovered my e-mail account, Stan was already posting my journal, so there was no pressing need for notice-board-sharing.

But lets see what else Talan071 would have got if the line had been open. Therefore I end here with “to be continued”.