Jun 262001

Amid the war, destruction and despair of a war-torn region, a group of young students came together in 1998 to launch a unique project. This was to establish a free public library in Srinagar, one that would promote educational awareness and also provide career guidance to students. My friends Homayun Taba and Marguerite Theophil heard about it and set to work. Being away for the weekend, their appeal dated Friday, June 22, 200l reached me Sunday night. Monday afternoon, I set to work, weeding out books. In the process, The Divine Comedy gets a good dusting, and is transferred to my desk to be dealt with later.

Nothing should be easier than giving away a book one has not opened for the past twenty years or more. I have done it before, but never without regrets.

After lunch it does not take me long to fill one big carton. Then I go to my desk and try (as many times before) to re-discover the Canto where Dante talks of the white light. Instead I come across this passage:

“Behold the vastness of the eternal good,
Since it has made itself so many mirrors
By which its virtue is distributed –
One in itself, remaining as before!”

Amazing. I have to share this, perhaps add a picture of the glowing souls.

The Divine Comedy - the glowing souls

Next I open my e-mail, meaning to tell my friends to come and collect the books. There is a message from my guestbook, passing on comments –

You are like a swan in the sun,
And then you are the sunlight.
By Poet Author Scott G. Betton

It cheers me greatly.

This morning I took up the invitation to

Take a walk through this virtual reality
of poetry and mystical discovery
absorb the love poems of Scott G. Betton
from his book
“Love Poems of the Sacred Heart”
Reflect upon the wisdom of your own soul
Within the mystic monastry
Inside the dream catcher
You can share your dreams
With the world.
Share your poems with other poets
In the cyber café,
Or leave them in the poets garden.

Scott says his web-site is designed to inspire the wakening beauty of who we are, and the merging of our dreams.

I read more “About the Author”, his life story and his soul purpose, And took “A Lesson in Poetic Expression” – and enjoyed them all. You will find very easily http://www.poetland.com