Jun 062001

In my e-mail was an invitation from www.poetry.com to a free poetry contest. As directed, I “entered now” to win $10,000. If anything is left after all the books I will buy with my winnings, I shall get a few presents for my dear ones, or maybe some crystals for myself (I can always pass on a book or two). The thought in bracket is wishful thinking. The few times I filled a box with old books I believed I would never again read or refer to, turned out to be self-defeating. I still feel a loss – like having had children who never come to visit you.

Fortunately I found a poem, written some twenty years ago. I copied it into the space provided. At once it came bouncing back to admonish me that it was more than 20 lines. Earlier I had read that it must be at least 20 lines (my mistake) and over 25 words in length. There was an option to re-send it after correction, which I did, by deleting …

I can teach love and light are inside
And proclaim All is One, One is All,
But the learning process is yours.
Light must be seen.
Love must be felt,
And the Self realized through experience.
Admission to spiritual school is expensive.
You have to renounce permanency,
And surrender your cherished grudges.
And you must resign as the judge
And join as the witness.

The strange thing is, deleting these lines has made it a better poem. I suddenly realized how much we evolved in so short a time. Who needs to be reminded to forgive? Who is not trying to go with the flow, to cultivate awareness? (Well, sometimes I forget.)

Who were the Ancient Celts?

Now that I am in the running to win a price, making a complete list of “Books to Order” becomes an enjoyable task. Wishful thinking and creative visualization promise results. After I have studied the available material (see http://www.ares.u-net.com/altern.htm) I will know whether or not I need Dr. Simon James’ controversial book The Atlantic Celts.

For some reason I cannot explain I feel connected to Celtic Mysteries. To me they are remnants of Atlantean cultures that must over a period of time spread themselves all over what became later known to us as “early civilizations” and “lost civilizations”. It may well be that my fascination with pre-historic archeology comes from a feeling that once, in a far distant past, I had a strong spiritual connection with reality as a member of a particular tribe. This feeling of loss is a human feeling we all share.

In my speculations the Edgar Cayce Readings are a point of reference. Here is what Cayce says # 315-L-D “… in the Atlantean land during the periods when there was the breaking up of the land and there had been the edict that the land must be changed … the entity was among those who set sail for the Egyptian land but entered into the Pyrenees and what is now Portuguese, French and Spanish lands. And there may still be seen in the Chalk Cliffs in Calais the marks made by the entities followers ….”

The best way to reach Calais from the West is by way of Dover. It’s not difficult to imagine that the Atlantean edict brought Atlanteans to the British Isles and that we know their progenies as Celts.