Jul 022001

Nowadays the highlights of my day occur before 8 a.m. when I read my e-mail. Gool says Firi arrives today. Delia sends an article about Singapore ‘Singlish’. Cyril tells me Dale and he went to the Tibetan Stupa in Leverett, known as the Peace Pagoda and there met a lady born in Morocco of Jewish-Marrano descent, who had lived many years in India. She practices healing with crystals. She had lived on an American Indian reservation and studied the healing arts with a Native American Medicine Man and has written a book. Her name is Daya Saran Chocron and Cyril has her book at home. He bought it two years ago. Leverett, incidentally, has a large Tibetan community.

Firi is my friend’s younger daughter, who studied geography, wrote her thesis in Awas and teaches in America. You can see there is a lot of work for me here. I have to get an update on Firi’s university (I think she is a full-fledged professor by now). I must find out more about why Leverett of all places has a large Tibetan community. Do I imagine that people feel blessed when they have such a community nearby? Is there is a strong spiritual bond between Tibetans and American Natives?

Then there is the question of what is Jewish-Marrano descent? From time immemorial we have in and around Awas a Jewish farming community. They arrived more than two thousand years ago, having got tired of Romans, Taxes and Wars I presume. Daya’s ancestors probably fled from the Spanish.

Then I get an e-mail from Bharath:

“You won’t believe this, but I found your page listed in Google’s search results after month of searching for “Broken Rose Quartz” (without hitting the right page). And what did I type at last when I almost gave up? “my rose quartz broke” – and there it was, one of the lovely pages of a person (and that too one who lives in India) for whom also the book “The Secret Life of Plants” has changed her life. Never did stare synchronicity anyone at his face more beautifully. And to think that your broken rose quartz prompted you to infer that you needed energy from unpolished crystals. I never thought of that. I have a new reason now to keep my broken rose quartz (it was a pendulum) near me at night and a rose quartz pyramid which broke accidentally while shifting my office.
I shall remember this day for long.
If you have time, please write once in a while.

Lots of Love


P.S. My reading of “The Secret Life of Plants” has led me also to Massanobu Fukuoka’s “The Natural Way of Farming” and “One Straw Revolution” and subscription to “Organic Gardening” from the Rodale Press.”


Finished replying to my e-mail. Now I have to do some work for Freyana. She has to do a butterfly project for her school. That is fun. There are many lovely sites on the web. Have a good day.