Jul 142001

Reality is not difficult. What’s making things difficult for me is my own resistance to see the truth of what I am, to accept reality, and to rely on it as totally safe and harmless. My worldly mindset, being ruled by fear and presenting its own feverish distortions as true, cannot deal with the simplicity of truth – the wisdom of innocence.

Resistance, or fear, is something I’ve learned. Everything I’ve learned is something I can change.

If I want to wake up to reality I have to look beyond appearances and concepts to what is ever changeless. This is the vision of innocence. As soon as I’m willing to choose spirit over matter I’m beginning to recognize reality in its myriad expressions in this world. In others and myself I will start experiencing more kindness, loving care, undivided attention, patience, spontaneity, humor, graceful movement, peacefulness, beauty, joy, etc. These are not qualities of my calculating mind. The calculating approach to life may eventually be taken over by computers, anyway, but certainly has to be overcome by me.

To let my mind be restored to its wholeness I only have to be willing to let go of separation – which means my elaborate concepts about reality and especially about myself. This cannot be done by fear. I need to develop some trust seeing that this is a pure win-win situation. Nothing is lost when illusions are left to be what they are: sheer nothingness.

Now, where could I start better than in contact with someone else, when the choice between separation and union can be powered by two minds joining in one purpose, drawing on their wholeness? And where could the result of this joined effort be experienced more intensely?

What I choose to see in you is what I will receive from you. This is inevitable.

Your innate vision of innocence can only bless me and in doing so our one and only mind is being liberated from concepts that are not inspired by reality – healing both of us and the universe as well.

Salvation, or the restoration to wholeness, is a way we go together, not alone, and forgiveness, or the vision of innocence, is our vehicle.

As long as I cherish the thought that I am the product of what others have done or not done, I’m only fueling separation, and deepening my sense of lack, by condemning others and hating myself for what I am. Self-hate and hate of others are effects of the same insane self-concept. Therefore, forgiveness only heals when being indiscriminately applied inside and outside – innocence knows no boundaries.

Without this separative self-concept the world as I know it would vanish and death would have no dominion. No need to worry, though; as long as I’m afraid of this it won’t happen. Love is the only power that doesn’t have to force its way through anything because nothing can oppose it and be real at the same time.

The mindset that made me invent and defend this self-concept doesn’t have the wisdom to show me the truth of what I am. This mindset cannot liberate me. That’s why I need to draw on my innate freedom, anyhow, to let me be restored. Let me remember that I don’t have to understand anything about reality in order for it to work perfectly. Faith will do just fine for me and everything I need to know will be taught on the go.

Imagine the dreamer elaborately dreaming up preparations for reality to happen. How could that ever affect eternally changeless reality? Wouldn’t it be more expedient to give up dreaming altogether? That’s why I can only let my mind be restored through sheer willingness. I’m indeed responsible for my thoughts but as long as I keep dreaming variations of separation I won’t be the director of reality – only of my loneliness.

Perfection does not belong to a world of appearances – it belongs to the limitless being I am, not dependent on time and space.

The miracle is not that perfect reality is ‘realized’ without any effort. The miracle is that I’ve been putting so much effort in trying not to be what I am.

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