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Stephanie posted a message on Stan’s forum of practical spirituality, telling us how unconditional love works for her:

First, accept very logically, that there is no god.
Then invent a god.
The name of this god is unconditional love.
Pray to this god.
Focus and send out Pure Love.
Do not ask for any future of any kind.
Thank god for everything that has happened in the past.

And then she says ve that this god is real. It is obviously part of my mind that has created a comforting illusion. The love that pours back to me is just a reflection of my own thoughts and feelings. But I have doubts.”

Stephanie, I would say, has found for herself a brilliant solution to a fundamental problem. There are as many gods as people in this world. These gods speak in every language, have all kinds of rules, provide separate heavens and ususally punish the non-believers. They let bad things happen to good people and, occasionally, quite outrageously bestow wealth and honor on crooks. To make spiritual progress it is obviously necessary to find one’s own god. And if you have not, very logically, worked yourself around to reality, then you have to “invent” it.

My truth is:

God is Universal Force
God is the Supreme Power
All Power is Energy
The Highest Form of Energy is
Unconditional Love

Doubts we all have. The first quotation in Yogi Ramacharaka’s series of lessons in Raja Yoga is “When the soul sees itself as a center, surrounded by its circumference – when the Sun knows that it is the Sun, surrounded by its whirling planets – then it is ready for the Wisdom and the Power of the Masters.”

The First Lesson is about recognizing the “I” as distinct from the Ego and recommends that we often remind ourselves of the Mantras (Affirmations) for the First Lesson:

“I” am a Center. Around me revolves my world.
“I” am a Center of Influence and Power.
“I” am a Center of Thought and Consciousness.
“I” am Independent of my Body.
“I” am Immortal and cannot be destroyed.
“I” am Invincible and cannot be injured.

Stephanie says: “My doubt is full of joy and love. I no longer have to wrestle with a religion based on a morally ubious god and I am full of love for the whole world. I cannot change other people, but I have changed myself and other people around me benefit from this.”

Thank you, Stephanie, for being a light on the path.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your unique point of view. it is inspring to the call for Cosmic awarness of transformation that is occuring with each vibration of every pulse of everything that exist. I’m grateful to be a link in the chain of Uncondtional Love.expanding out beyoynd infinity , this is the God indwelling , of all Holographs that support forms .Stay on course is the Magic message.