Aug 122001

When I take my visible world for real, like I usually do, I’m working with an extremely rarefied version even of the physical universe, let alone reality. To get an idea of this stupendous oversight, consider some basic postulations about our universe: my eyes show me forms of solid matter where there are only subatomic solar systems of mostly empty space; only a very narrow band of the whole electromagnetic spectrum of light can be seen by human eyes anyway; on top of that 90% of the universe consists of dark matter with no electromagnetic radiation at all and therefore is invisible to even our most advanced instruments of observation.

Now, the physical universe itself, being based on the illusion of separation, has no connection whatsoever with changeless reality, except when it reflects my Inner Light – the limitless love I am. This gives me a handle for becoming acquainted with my real self. Like astronomers study dark matter indirectly by observing its effects on visible matter, I can study the unseen reality of my inner light just as well by observing its effects on others and myself in this good old universe of solid dreams.

Nothing is solid here. If it looks like that it’s because I use the same belief system that made it to also verify its existence. Call it the mindset of separation. No scientific approach can escape this limited mindset. But I can, because the mind will lose the limitations I’ve imposed on it as soon as I’m willing to open myself to the truth unconditionally. Willing to be unconditional, again and again, and again, is the crux because trying to be in control of my perfection would only impose extra limitations that my control cannot handle.

There’s a universal principle, a natural state of grace, that helps the astronaut of inner space: I will always find what I seek – simply because my seeking automatically projects what I’m looking for. After all, the physical version of life is nothing but a world of mind. My experience of finding anything is my mind’s creation based on what I truly want. No big deal, just like any dream, isn’t it? All my experiences depend on the never-ending activity of mind. The whole universe is one huge projection, in inner space.

Finding what I seek doesn’t make sense in my changeless reality, of course. It’s applicable only in dreamland where the idea of separation rules, although seeking being identical with finding goes against everything separation teaches. Nevertheless, I can use it well in what appears to be my daily life here. The principle derives its effectiveness from the mind that, even while partially dreaming, still is real and undivided. The concept of separation, therefore, is being pursued in a field of unified consciousness, where the reality of Oneness cannot help but show through in every thought, however distorted. Reality can be constantly denied but nothing can exist without it.

If I do not get what I think I want, I should realize that I always get what I’m really asking for. For my spiritual fulfillment it’s important to know how I want to be seen. What is the image of myself that I’m projecting in the world? Do I believe that I lack something? Do I see myself as less than whole, and powerless? If so, what experiences can I expect; what will my world show me? To correct this I have to be willing to accept myself as a creature of love, giving up on my limited thinking that feels safe only when I deny my holy birthright. The worst enemy I have is my Self-denial.

This doesn’t have to be. All that belongs to what I really am is still there. All of it. As long as the dream lasts, the principle of finding what I seek will hold good. I just have to change what I’m looking for.

If I only have eyes for what is real I can raise someone from the dead in any moment. Spiritual vision means looking beyond the physical perception of the eyes. Spiritual vision is our organ for recognizing the truth. Everything real is changeless. All that will remain from this dream of life are the moments when I looked at someone with love, listened to someone with love, thought of someone with love, or did just anything with love, unconditionally. Only my judgment can bury someone alive, in my consciousness that is. But this doesn’t have to last longer than I want it to.

Although all that can be changed is not what I am, waking up to reality certainly is a change that makes sense in my present dreaming state. No extra power is needed to make a real world come through, only alignment with the power of All That Is. This world is the expression of what I want to be. In terms of awareness I will regain my quality of being from where I have projected it. What I see manifest in the world is a reflection of what I am within, right now. Whatever the world seems to lack is lacking in me, by choice. Whatever inspires and enriches me in this world is what I am giving it, by choice. I am not the source of myself, of course, but I am inseparable from the One Reality that is expanding in me and through me. My wellbeing depends on my willingness to let Creation happen.

A well-known companion of separative thinking is fear. Being fearful means being hooked on judgment – the dedicated steward of separation. I cannot escape fear as long as I prefer to be separate. Therefore, healing – making whole, peaceful, and free from fear – cannot be done by a “me” or a “you.” Nor can I prepare myself for what I am. All concepts based on the illusion of separation have no power whatsoever to affect reality – they only affect my dream. In order to wake up I have to allow reality to work directly through me, without my interference. Spontaneity and humor are sure signs of inner alignment with reality.

The willingness to accept reality unconditionally, to look with charity beyond the physical perception of the eyes and bless everything I see as wholly holy, is something which my dreaming self can learn. This is where the illusion of change is helpful in undoing what was never real. My willingness will exchange all my bad dreams for a happy dream, a world that truly is a reflection of reality – until reality takes over completely.

Fear is an emotion I produce by denying the love I am, thinking I know better. Because anything without love cannot be real, fear is gone as soon as I let go of it by choosing love again. No need to elaborate further on my fear. Concentrating on what is unreal doesn’t bring me closer to an awareness of reality. Dwelling on the many symptoms of fear only prolongs my illusion of being guilty. Recognizing my denial of what I really want is enough to let me change my allegiance to the truth of what I am. Peace, love, and insight simply are unavoidable when I stop blocking the radiance of my Inner Light.

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