Aug 072001

This meditation is shared by Alan Hart

What God requires of creation is perfection. The whole process of creation is towards perfection. When all is perfect all will be complete, yet what is perfect will continue to create for this is the nature of perfect love.

I as an element of creation am destined for perfection and every aspect of my existence has been and will continue to be a process of growth and development and eventual refinement of me to perfection. Just as the rock of the earth is rendered into pure gold in a long and difficult process the spirit that is I is refined to perfection. This process applies to all that are of the kingdom of God. Every element of this kingdom is charged with the refinement of spirit to the perfection that will allow joining with the Creator. It is when perfection is attained that each element of creation becomes able to join with the light of the Divine in reflecting the perfection of creation.

The way to perfection is through the utilisation of whatever has been entrusted to each. (So well shown in the parable of the gold coins: Luke 19, 11-27). Sins or errors are forgiven by the creator, however the fact that creation is given chance after chance to find its perfection does not mean that perfection ultimately does not have to be attained for unity to be found with Perfection. The completion or refinement of each individual’s perfection and the perfection of creation as a whole is in the hands of the individual. The route to perfection lies in learning to use ones free will perfectly. The perfect use of free will can only be achieved by the willing submission of ones individual will to the will of the Creator and His creation. The same parable lets it be known that the more one achieves spiritually leads to greater and greater achievements.

No part of creation was created in an instant, all have developed and evolved, the process goes on and on until each aspect reaches the point where it is ready to enter the process of refinement so that the purity of spirit may be discovered. The individual spirit that is perceived is able to see and understand that it is in reality contained in the spirit of the All. This happens once refinement to the purest has been achieved. The refinement of perfection comes with the total understanding that God is pure love and all that is created is of the same essence.

Alan Hart


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