Aug 142001

There is only one power that wants to be shared, and love is still a good word for it. And so it came to pass that we all meet here on Stan’s slightly other-dimensional plane. Many of us who are old enough will have read Richard Bach’s ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ as one of the truly ‘new age’ books. For me “Illusions” remain as valid as when I read the musings of the reluctant messiah the first time – that too incidentally on a flight from Bombay to Calcutta – because I still have that tendency to become pompous when I teach and need to remind myself we teach best what we need to learn most.

‘The Bridge across forever’ gives us the first real hope that there are non-fictitious characters like soul mates, who can pass out with heat stroke, and still love, forget and forgive being left unattended on the floor of a caravan because the beloved thinks you’re just making a fuss. Then comes ONE and we think now we have really made it. Who are you kidding?

Why I directed the search engine to Richard Bach today of all days, I don’t know. And instead of going to the official one land in one dedicated to the Author (Richard that is) written by a 17 year old guy who got a little bored and wants to turn his site into something magnificent. Then he gets frustrated because out of fifteen to twenty thousand visitors who have hit the site, none has so far written or shared a review or a story how any of Richard Bach’s books has affected their lives. If just one tenth had done so, this would have become a magnificent site, he moans in his About Me written on 3rd August, 2001. No typing mistake here! Six days later (something very biblical here) this site falls into my hands. So I am sharing his plight with you and encourage him to lift this journal page (and the one running away from safety?) and put it on his web-site.

Which, incidentally, is already magnificent. It has attracted a most profound response from someone called Chuck.

Who is Chuck? He says he is an air-show stunt pilot and pretty much lives the life-style Bach writes about. And how did he enter here? First he wrote a message on the message board and then he followed it up with an article that needs to be shared.

Chuck says he has seen many people change mates, only to see the same problems appear in the new one. A mate is like a mirror. You see what you are.

He reminded me:

There is a divine conspiracy of the entire universe to help each of us find, develop and express our own truth. Each of us individually is as qualified as any one ever was or ever will be, to unravel the mysteries of life. This conspiracy waits patiently for you the subject, to step forward and identify yourself as the commander, to stop laying yourself before servants, and accepting the second hand experiences of others as the spiritual truth and fire of your own being.

There is only one everlasting Lord and Master; your awareness of being.

  2 Responses to “Richard & Leslie's Divorce”

  1. I believe that the happiest married couples are those who did not need to be married, because they were largely self-sufficient in themselves. Such people have much to give and little to demand. When two people with much to give marry each other, life should be a joy. At least, that is what I believe and how it has been for me for these past 38 years.

  2. Oh wow. I feel like one of those strange other-selves of RichardandLeslie- the couple who could be ONE when I read of their divorce. I find our about this after my own twinflame and I are reading Bridge Across Forever together as one of the tools we use to open up communications together… How profoundly Leslie and Richard have moved me all of my life!! I was seven years old when I read JLSeagull and it turned like key in the proverbial lock for me – opened up the universe I had “forgotten”. One of the things I questioned was what Richard explored in Bridge: what is a soulmate? Are soulmates for real and if so, where is mine?? More importantly, how do I become what it is I am searching for? I found my soulmate, and he found me… but as a dear soulful friend tells people: a oulmate is not what anyone thinks they are!!!! We fight, we defend, we get confused, we muck about with out lower lesser selves in petty ways – but we learn forgiveness and compassion and we are learning what LOVE is and that is not what anyone thinks it is, either. We have chosen to commit without marriage, which seems like a more urgent and eternal vow of commitment to us (and no involving the state and federal government s or their tax laws)… no business deals or financial wranglings, no looking for security in eachother, from eachother. We are being shown that we have to find out who the REAL soulmate is, within our very selves, completely intact and inately whole, functional, never outside of us unless and until we have had our atonement with that ONE. Otherwise, at least we have seen this in our lives – we are barking up the wrong tree, diving for pearls in the wrong waters and coming up with nothing from nothing.
    I am sorry to hear about Richard and Leslie divorcing – but I do not know the particulars, and I can only hope that their friendship is intact and that they continue to evolve… for such beautiful and wonderful representatives of Life and Light they both are!!!

    Thank you, Namaste,
    Li Li