Aug 202001

This is for Tara Jene and any other friend and visitor interested in Native Healing Sciences. Sorry, Tara, I have not found the Navajo Medicine Man Association or other healing methods specifically ascribed to the Navajos. You may have to contact people with more experience.

My search found Rob Savoye who introduced me to the principles of Sweat Lodges. He lets us journey into

  • Building a sweat lodge
  • Lighting the fire
  • Sweating it out

And adds

  • Origin of the sweat lodge and tribal links

We all know the sauna where we can sweat out toxins, but the tribal sweat lodges are a lot more. They are built in sacred places, of willow and brush, heated with ceremonial stones. They involve fragrances and rituals, songs, chants, dance and meditation.

It is not only the body, but the mind and the spirit that are being purified in the Sweat Lodge.

Healing begins here for all sorts of ailments, and, as one writer expresses – words cannot describe all things that occur during a sweat. We can only guess they are different for each individual, yet all link us to the sources.

It occurs to me that many ancient healing methods are no longer identified with their source, but are universally accepted as holistic healing methods. When I think of acupuncture, I don’t think of the Yellow Emperor but of my friend Yamuna, who has given up her conventional medical practice in favor of holistic health method. So when Tara Jene and I look for the Navajo Medicine Man on the web, we are perhaps trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Here is a book title that might help:

Mother Earth Spirituality:Native American Path to Healing Ourselves and Our World, by Ed McGaa, Marie N. Buchfink (Harper Collins).

Any friend passing by who can guide us to more knowledge about Navajo Medicine, please leave a note in the guest-book or send an e-mail. Thanks!

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  1. I like your article. But I was wondering if you have articles about ANCIENT HEALING METHODS coming from Southwest or West Asia. Your assistance would be of great help. thanks.