Sep 272001

On 3rd September we celebrated our wedding anniversary, my birthday and the new computer. I had a lot of ‘thank yous’ to write and kept the special ones till last.

On 11th September, the Old World came to its predicted end.

We were woken to the consciousness of universal peril, universal brotherhood and the need to be peaceful – in the home, with our neighbours, at our place of work, in the community and on the web. It was a great shock, mixed with great sadness and empathy for those injured and bereft.

Until 13th September I printed out the many messages sent to me by my friends, made a Peace on Earth file and took it to Awas for the weekend.

Monday, the 16th September I could not get my internet connection.

Synchronicity? Saved from the virus? Or forced to rearrange my priorities? I did what I had to do – gave love and peace to my near and dear ones and shared prayers, love and goodwill from my Peace File.

Wednesday, 19th September: “No,” I said to my friend Gloria, “There is no hate in my heart.” But then I quickly added: “Of course I could slap those stupid old Palestinian women celebrating on the streets.” No sooner were these words out of my mouth when I felt shamed and obliged to retrieve them. “You know,” I said, “we don’t really know what they are celebrating. It may be something quite different.”


On 20th September Fahrookh sends me a message (which I only retrieved yesterday) saying CNN showed pictures of Palestinians celebrating on the streets after the terrorist attack on America. This picture has been shown worldwide on channels and in newspapers. Fahrookh got word that these pictures are of 1991, where Palestinians celebrate after America liberated Kuwait. A Brazilian teacher has a video showing exactly the same scenes.

I only got the message yesterday when my connection was re-installed. It cost a new telephone instrument and a new modem, but perhaps this again is just what Kelly Con of Avalon Crystals advocates: Buy to keep the economy strong.

Carmel said her husband had the same reaction. He said these pictures may be shown out of context. To me this means our prayers, our goodwill and our love for peace are doing their work.