Oct 282001

It’s completely realistic not to accept the finality of death or bereavement. What does make these experiences painful is not their reality but my unwholesome inclination to believe that we are bodies and therefore doomed to perish and lose each other. Whatever I believe my perception and experience will bear out. Only inner peace has no need of concepts or images and therefore is open to the truth.

Anyone who really wants to help me in my state of mortal fear should refuse to sympathize with my useless self-torture. What any helper and any seeker of help need most is the willingness to let inner peace take over. This willingness means that I’m aware of my real purpose in life. It doesn’t mean that my enlightenment fully depends on my own effort. Restoring the mind to wholeness cannot be accomplished by anything less than wholeness. Healing can only be the last illusion. No matter how hard I work on it, wholeness is already a fact. A peaceful mind, therefore, is automatically enlightened by insight. Only peace is creative. Only peace can bring me back to the life without death where changeless love expands in stillness.

My unflagging sense of continuity shows that deep inside me is still a sane mind. Not to be able to accept my own or anyone else’s mortality is therefore a totally healthy state of mind. In a life wrapped up in separation it might be seen as a breakthrough of my basic sanity. Again, sorrow doesn’t come from sanity but from the conflict between two mutually exclusive thoughts, of which only one is real.

The usual concept of different realities, or levels of reality, supposes that what is depends on changing viewpoints and perspectives. This clearly applies to perception and experience, or the way consciousness relates to the worlds it has created, but not to what is forever. Truth is whole and undivided, and I am still part of it. Free will enables me to choose for or against reality anytime, but the consequences of my choice are unavoidable experiences.

The belief system of physical reality may seem convincing enough to prevent anyone asking for proof of its tenets, but even in my childhood it was already showing serious inconsistencies. Later it became apparent that the quality of some of my own thoughts and feelings clearly belongs to a higher level of happiness than the perishable source of my being: a basic instinct for reproduction and survival. In order for a higher quality to unfold it has to be infolded first and just how would the lower quality level be able to do so? Not even a butterfly would buy that.

If, on the other hand, life is eternal and reality is nothing but love, then I have to accept that until now I’ve been supporting a foolish lie about the world and myself. Only insofar as my existence has been an expression of love has it been real; whatever was not love, simply lacked a source of being and therefore never was at all. Thank God, sooner or later every one of us will have to relinquish this absurd dream of being separated from love but a lot of suffering can be prevented if I do so now, fully conscious. Inner peace will immediately show that reality is completely safe and fulfilling.

Perfection belongs to All That Is. Anything less than the complete truth cannot be perfect. Everything, however, that helps me to become aware of reality is practically true, simply because it works, and therefore it’s perfectly useful. This practical perfection is in no way the result of my own effort but without my willingness it wouldn’t work. Every aspect of wholeness is needed to make All That Is fully aware of itself and All That Is knows perfectly well how to accomplish this. That’s why everyone can rely on inner guidance without any need for outside authority. The source of this guidance cannot be seen or heard, yet is more real than anything in the physical universe.

Stillness in heart and mind allows me to listen and look beyond the physical and mental levels to become aware of a deeper consciousness in me that must have been there forever because it’s ageless. Being timeless it knows no fear and being wholly peaceful it’s only capable of love. Recognizing this still source of love in me even for only a moment immediately changes my outlook on life. By listening to my inner silence I become aware of the underlying peace and unconditional love in everything I perceive and experience.

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