Oct 272001

The body being a temporary expression of eternal mind can only show how I want to see myself now. I am a child of God but I usually feel less than overjoyed and sometimes downright implacable. Fear hems me in. Fear makes me value my petty judgment above anything else while closing my mind to a more wholesome vision. Of course, this makes me the real convict. Feeling unforgiven has to find its expression in punishment of the body, making it appear sick or at least less healthy and energetic than it could be. What looks like an illness is nothing but a bodily symptom of fear – the fear of being whole and unconditionally loving.

If I want to be an instrument of healing rather than of separation for another I must not share a loveless vision with the sufferer, no matter how strongly he or she believes it to be true. It takes two to make our separation convincing, meaning a shared experience. However, it takes only one to undo the sharing of separation and initiate the shared experience of healing. Healing begins with a healer unconditionally accepting healing for oneself; no heroic fight, no magic, just being fully at peace. The highest form of prayer is just that. Because we are all of one mind inner peace is contagious and peace is what heals.

Since the body is only a physical expression of mind it’s clear that neither healing nor sickness is of the body. Only the mind can think itself to be separate. Healing or making whole, therefore, is of the mind, which is eternal and although partially caught in a dream of separation still can freely choose what to believe as true. For health’s sake, however, it’s necessary to be honest. Fear has to be acknowledged for what it is because fear cannot heal. Fear is part of the sickness. If curing bodily symptoms is still felt to be more urgent than healing the mind, a convincing cure should be applied; otherwise fear will only increase, making healing more difficult.

This also means that healing simply cannot stop when fear’s last resort, physical death, is being experienced. Neither does the sharing of love stop when Spirit lets go of one of its unique expressions in the physical universe. Because Spirit is my only reality nothing real is ever lost no matter what I experience. I just have to be willing to see how our shared reality constantly communicates only love in this world. “My Father is in Heaven,” means just this: no attachment in this world, however dear, will hold me back from sharing my love for all and everything as my greatest happiness.

The only way to incorporate forgiveness for everything I may feel guilty about is forgiving everyone I’ve projected my guilt upon. This is a daily practice that keeps me healthy. There’s no way to realize my wholeness, my real health, without letting go of judgment. I don’t need judgment to make my life work. Life works best without my petty interference. To forgive means to join my will with the all-encompassing will of All That Is. I couldn’t choose a greater purpose to live for.

The law of eternal abundance states that whatever is being shared does not become less but increases through expansion. There is nothing wrong with thought in itself but if I love the truth it’s important to distinguish between two levels of experience my thought can serve: the illusion of a separate and perishable body or the reality of one eternal Spirit. Only thoughts originating in Spirit can heal and make me experience the deathless.

What can I do when someone dear to me is facing death, or when it’s supposed to be my turn? First, I need to know what I want. I need to remember my purpose in life; otherwise I’ll just be prey to my own fear. If I want the truth it’s enough to keep an open eye, the vision of innocence, and only trust the reality of this moment – not my thoughts about the past or the future. A moment of peaceful insight – or my spiritual vision beyond the perception of the eyes – might show me that although a body seems to be left behind, no one ever dies. Death is a choice I make to deny the light within; to deny the reality of the love I am; to deny the truth of All That Is. It’s only my fickle faith in what I am that results in a feverish world of fleeting appearances. In this world based on nothing life seems to be a beautiful illusion and death the only thing that is sure. Separative thoughts, however, lose their credibility and attraction as soon as I choose communion, forgiveness, and faith. Yes, faith. If solid faith has been able to build a constantly changing physical universe out of sheer nothingness, how much easier is it to have faith in a reality that already fully exists and never changes.

Healing results from overlooking separation and seeing only oneness; from accepting the perfection of another even when I’ve not yet accepted mine; from alignment of my thinking with the reality of eternal Spirit.

It’s also clear now that I cannot heal myself as a person because healing is a thought of oneness and ‘myself as a person’ is a thought of separation – being mutually exclusive they will never join forces.

Like any other thought, healing expands and becomes stronger by sharing it. Healing belongs to all of us without exception and does not need anyone special. Peaceful love is what I am and I can only learn this by teaching it.

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