Dec 252001

Is it realistic to think that perception and experience can prove anything to be true? Does something truly exist just because I see it and perhaps others see it too? Who can prove that we aren’t all deluded, like when all of mankind still was seeing the sun revolve around the earth?

And what about things we cannot see? If anyone can set up an instrument anywhere to measure time does that prove that time is real? It merely demonstrates that we can all have the experience of measuring time, doesn’t it? It certainly does not prove the reality of that experience nor of time. So, for lack of evidence so far it isn’t more than a dream. Apparently we can all share the same dream and very convincingly so because the possibilities to experience anything in a dream are endless. All of this doesn’t give the dream a foothold in reality, however, and thereby make it true.

Does science provide the answer perhaps? What science can do very well, is exploring the structure of the physical dream. However, science works with the very same mindset that is being used to create the dream in the first place – not a very objective and scientific method, is it? Science in itself, therefore, is not a good starting point for getting anywhere near reality.

And what about our dearly beloved facts? Facts produce evidence only when they fit in with a limited set of assumptions about reality. Facts can only demonstrate what my belief system is like. A solar eclipse is quite a different fact for an astronomer than it is for a sun-worshipper; and for an adherent of non-dualism it may not be a fact at all. So, what’s the use of wanting proof for anything? Just to fool myself?

Are perception and experience independent of the mindset that is needed to postulate the separate existence of anything, to discern it, and to make sense of it? Can anything be freely observed without any contamination by a thought from the past? And if so, would it be recognized and remembered?

Perception apparently is a process that needs a structured mind in order to come into being; otherwise it’s non-existent. The mind is basically being structured by the belief that separation is real. If this basic belief didn’t exist there would be no need for perception because our wholeness doesn’t have any structure and cannot even be known within limits of thought structure. The belief in separation creates the physical universe. No need for a big bang, therefore. Neither did God create this merciless world. The creation of the world is happening right now in my mind, all the time. I am responsible for what I perceive and experience.

Reality is what I am, not what I think. What I am, cannot be reduced to a concept and be true at the same time. Truth is beyond comprehension and therefore cannot be proven. Truth can only be known directly in moments of peaceful insight. Anything that can be proven must be a concept and therefore illusory.

For lack of direct knowledge I simply will have to go by faith alone, as I have been doing all my life anyway because no one has ever been able to prove that anything is real. I just have always accepted for real what I wanted to believe. This belief is a free choice and it determines whether I’ll be part of suffering or part of healing.

As long as there is suffering there is a need for healing. No matter how illusory the basis for suffering may be, this need for healing is always genuine. Suffering means clinging to the illusion of separation. As a sufferer I’m desperately trying to work out my own salvation because only the physical dream, no matter how frightful, seems to offer safe ground. Anything that points to my non-material reality is seen as a threat. This fear is completely irrational, of course, because no one can help me to become whole against my will. No one can let go of my denial except me.

Healing means restoring the mind to its wholeness. Wholeness is being nothing but love. Love is the real stuff that wholeness is made of and only love can cut through the illusion of separation and make whole. Wholeness is in our terms of time always healing itself and making separation undone instantly through its immense love. Separation is an illusory experience, a dream that never really happened and therefore left no effects on reality whatsoever.

Everyone who’s asking for help is a manifestation of wholeness calling for the real stuff – the love that I am. Asking really is a gift because it offers me the chance to accept myself as love. By giving all I have to give I’m responding to the call of wholeness – the reality I am – and thereby receiving the real stuff myself from the One I’ve offered it to. In this exchange of love giver and receiver have become one healing activity.

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