Dec 242001

New Years Resolutions should not be made in haste and forgotten at leisure. This is a reminder to myself to formulate my agenda now. I have only one resolution, to which I may add wishes and preferences.

My resolution is to say “Thank you” to every one who has contributed to my spiritual growth.

Earlier I thought this could be done with a handshake, a hug, a letter, an e-mail. Now I know I owe a “Thank you” to all sentient beings on earth, past and present and all cosmic forces known, unknown and unknowable.

I have joined the three simple activities of the LightShift Global Activity

Every day at noon (local time) I affirm “May peace prevail on Earth.”
On the first day of each month I will meditate for fifteen to twenty minutes from the radiance of my pure inner light.
On the first of January 2002, at noon in my time zone, I will meditate for one full hour on the pure inner light.

Let this be my way of thanking you.

For 2002 it is more important than ever to bring our collective energies together for peace on Earth.

We only need one tenth of one per cent of all human beings to be focused together in transcendental consciousness, so as to create the critical mass and become the pilot light to ignite spiritual awareness in all human beings.

I thank you with love, good will, good wishes.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.