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We’ve all reached a time in our life where soul searching has begun to take center stage. We are discovering the importance of finding our self worth, our true identity, and deep spiritual fulfillment. We know where we’re headed, but we just don’t know how to get there. There are thousands of different types of resources we can chose from to begin our search such as support groups, metaphysical workshops, books, audio cassettes, and even attend a seminar or two with a favorite spiritual lecturer of ours. However, even though these resources are out there, it seems we keep searching. Something is just missing and what it is is a link between these external things, and our inner personal self.

So how do I reach that, you ask? It is simple, with self-love. Yes, good old love to the rescue. It may seem a little too simple. But that is all we need. As we’ve begun our search for our true soulful identity, we enter into a habit of overanalyzing, extreme contemplation, and deep meditative practices. We let go of the innocence and laughter that keeps our search simple and free.

A personal example I can speak of is from a very strong psychic dream I had less than a year ago. I received from the Other Side a simple message of love and hope but I couldn’t decode it for nearly eight months because I looked into it too deeply. In the dream I encountered two celestial beings that I know as my two strongest spirit guides. I was distressed and looked to them for comfort. They smiled and told me that I was twelve times more loved than I realized and they directed my attention to a sheet of paper with my name on it. Beside my name were written four numbers, 0704. I looked up to my guides and watched as they turned into pure white light. Moments later I awoke. For months I searched through astrological numerology, longitude/latitude degrees, and many other complex numerical resources to find out what these four numbers meant. What was the hidden message? It wasn’t until I gave that up and just compared it to the alphabet that I was startled. In the beginning I thought of converting the numbers to the seventh and fourth letters of the alphabet but to me that was just too easy. So I searched for something deeper. I overlooked an important discovery that day by ignoring the most obvious. So when my options ran out I did just that, I converted the numbers into the letters of the Alphabet and you know what I discovered? The seventh letter is G and the fourth letter is D. They spelled God! Simply put, my spirit guides were telling me to call God and I’d be okay!

The other side has a good sense of humor! And it wasn’t so much the message I received from the numbers, but how I received it. Simplicity is the key and self-love is the vehicle to reaching balance and harmony within.

Our heart to our emotional body is like our soul to God. It is the source within our lives that allows miracles to happen. Passions of the heart are our earthly manifestations of God’s love in our lives and it is getting back to the basics of what’s truly important that allows us to recognize it. So if we take the depth of our spiritual discoveries and apply them with simple means, we will discover a whole new world of fulfillment in our life.

Our subconscious is the voice of the soul that plays music to the ears of our loving self and a whole other life exists for us when we discover that love can transform us and that forgiveness allows it to happen. Your soul is speaking to you right now. It is telling you of the magic that you hold within your ability and capacity to let love be your life’s breath.

Your key all along to rediscovering your sacred self is found in self-love, selfless love, unconditional love and love for the lessons that come into your life that challenge your capacity to understand the depths that love has to offer us.

Children can sometimes be our best examples of how to harness personal empowerment through their attitudes and conscious effort to see life simply, with wonderment and fun. Children have the beauty of innocence and have not yet experienced all of the dangers, the disappointments, the fears, and the rejections that many adults live in every day. Their world is magical and somehow, as we age, our own world of inner magic fades within the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day routine. We begin to replace laughter with appropriate behavior, innocence with caution, spiritual freedom with doubt. And so it comes, earthly reality of adulthood. Some of us never realize how simple it can be to grasp that back, to take hold of our youthful glow while keeping the experience of worldly know how. It is as simple as this:

  1. Take charge of today. Don’t live in the shadows of the past or the future. Harness the moments of now and what you wish to do will be something you are doing.
  2. Allow love to be your guide. If you aren’t doing something out of love, compassion, truth, and good intentions, you aren’t fulfilling your potential for spiritual enlightenment.
  3. Realize that your own self-image and self worth is perceived by others. I call it the rubber band effect. Whatever you are, is what you send out, and what you send out is what you receive. An example: If you are feeling self conscious then you are sending out that energy and whoever matches that energy will come back to its source. Another example: If you are trying to avoid and run away from something, the people you associate and attach yourself to will be the same way. Mom was always right, you are what you hang out with!
  4. Just simply trust! We don’t have enough trust! We must trust the reasons we are in certain situations, relationships, experiences, etc. It is the plan we have for ourself and the plan that God has for us. We are exactly where we are supposed to be. It is our step-by-step journey to growth.
  5. Allow love to enter into your heart. See loving examples and opportunities to experience love in all that you do. If you let love in, your life will be full. Our life lessons come as ways of resistance. We cannot know our capacity to love unless that is challenged. If we are trying to forgive someone, or tolerate their differences, then we are given a special opportunity to see our own faults within their mirrored example. So let’s take the mirrors and look into the reflection, it is there that we find truth.

Returning to our sacred self is simpler than we really ever thought. It just takes a little love and truth to get us there. Spiritual growth depends on our ability to face our inner self, to give love to our inner self, and to just trust in our abilities to achieve in any goal we set to achieve.

International Medium Debbie Edwards is one of Michigan’s own; raised on the beautiful Northeastern shores of Lake Huron in a small little get-away town, she returns to Michigan for an exclusive tour participating in events for Psychic Readings, After Death Communication, Workshops and Lectures. Debbie is a fourth generation channeler from both sides of her family and for years on and off she’s taught classes and workshops for Mediumship (After Death Communication), Psychic Development, and forms of Meditation. She’s also conducted private and group sessions for After Death Communication, Palmistry, Tarot, Psychic Readings, Animal Messenger Readings, Remote viewing of both residential and commercial properties to assess spirit activity/hauntings, Dream Interpretations and more.

In the Media she has built a career in radio, starting as a guest on dozens of well known programs that are both internet podcast and syndicate productions including The Maria Shaw Show and The Paranormal Gallery with Joe Lawson on the Empower Radio Network, Visible by Numbers on BBS Radio with Alison Baughman, Super Psychic Radio of Achieve Radio Network and many others. Debbie is also the creator and exclusive radio host of her own internet podcast production on the well recognized Blog Talk Radio Network called Meta Visionaries Global Live Radio that can be accessed at www.blogtalkradio.com/DebbieEdwards.

Debbie has also built a career as an author, publishing dozens of articles in many online and print magazines such as Spirit Connections of the Mount Hood region and has been a featured monthly columnist for the Ascension Network with her column, Beyond the Veil. She is also the author of a non-fiction book titled Voices Speak- A Beginner’s Guide to Spirit Communication, and is currently writing her second book titled The Homo Luminous Child- A New Generation of Seers.

Debbie is also focusing on spreading awareness, education and information to those seeking further answers of mind/body/spirit related topics and has created/founded Meta Visionaries Social Network which is a network with a consciousness, focused on ascension and transcendence at www.meta-visionaries.com. It is an interactive network in which people can join as members and connect with one another through blogs, forums, message boards, profiles, services and much more. She is also the co-founder/creator of a second Social Network called Mysteries of the Multiverse at www.mysteriesmultiverse.ning.com which focuses on Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Energy Anatomy, UFO’s, Crop Circles, and many other aspects of the unknown.

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  2. hello and how are you my friend ,

    i was wowed to have a glimps of your article about death ;it is true it a very awkward issue to discuss;how ever i found it very distinktive a topic to read, atopic that most readers shrink from;

  3. This is for Debbie Edwards whom left a prayer on a piece of paper on my property. (may have blown in from somewhere else).
    Title of the prayer: ‘Prayer to end Abortion’

    I am not one whom wishes to kill a human being, and I do find myself curious how one whom professes to love the Author of life could condemn another. It seems that you hold yourself above those around you that you do not understand. You name an evil (as if an author yourself) and ask for God to rid us of it. You speak of love and understanding, yet seem to fail in the practice. (as most of us will)
    I speak to your heart then to find your own redemption, your own forgiveness, love of self and understanding of humanity. We are here for our own voyage. Please don’t spend time on condemnation, spend time on Love, of self and others. I pray for all to live in the moment, spend time with all others in their lives. Be present at our table Lord and forgive us our sins.
    Grant me serenity. Fill me with forgiveness and understanding. Pray for those that conceve love. Fill them with your righteousness and may Your Will bring them to Love of each other.
    Pray as if IT is up to God and Act as if it is up to You. BE Love. BE understanding and compation.

    Love ALL

    God Bless.

  4. To Hans,
    We must have a misunderstanding. I did not send you or write to you a prayer about abortion and I don’t recall ever responding to abortion in that matter. I have dear friends who chose this option in their lives and I have never judged them for something so difficult. Even my own mother experienced this. Please check your references and resources before assuming something that is false. I hope you find comfort and resolution in this acknowledgement.
    Debbie Edwards