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This story written by K.C. Wakefield is shared by Sara Pentz

When Dr. Irwin Fine was five years old he knew he ‘possessed’ the natural gift of healing – by the laying on of his hands. It was the same gift given to his father and his father’s father, which could be traced back into the documented history of his ancestors. In fact, as a small boy, he actually performed healings for people in the backroom of his father’s restaurant in downtown Brooklyn. “The male side of my family has been endowed with a special gift and a solemn responsibility to heal for the highest good,” he explains. “The gift is there. When I heal I feel God’s pleasure.”

While not completely understood from a scientific point of view, many healers have found some ability to heal over the centuries; fewer yet are born with this ability. It is very rare that this gift continues down the family line. Dr. Fine is one of the very few who has, in deed, been blessed with this wonderful “gift” of healing.

Since the 9-11 destruction of the World Trade Center Towers, Dr. Fine has experienced many patients ‘who want to close out and go home,’ he explains. “They simply want to die. One of the gifts I have is the ability to take anger away and replace it with love and acceptance.” The peace these patients receive helps them have the desire to want to get well and to accept the continued living of their life.

Dr. Fine deals with a great many people whose problems reach back into their childhood. “I deal with a lot of people who have childhood molestation and actual rapes. I worked with a woman who had been raped when she was two years old. I have patients who have been divorced many times, who hate sex and don’t trust men. I lay my hands on their head and these buried memories begin to appear as images in their mind of horrible incidents in their lives, and, of course, they become very upset. Eventually, they become less and less sensitized to these facts and emotions because I tell them to look at the events from the outside looking in. As each day goes by, the hurt becomes less and less and they are able to become in control of these painful memories.”

As a boy, Dr. Fine can remember seeing as many as 50 people lined up at his home waiting to receive the laying on of hands by his father. Sometimes the young Irwin would be asked to heal the overflow of patients, and even their cats, dogs and birds. “It was amazing to see those animals emerge from a treatment so gentle and friendly,” he adds.

Today, Dr. Fine is a Chiropractor and a noted healer in Southern California. “Healing is the only form of natural therapy that allows the natural life-flow within the patient to be balanced,” Dr. Fine explains. “When we are ill our body is out of balance and not at ease. I call it ‘dis-ease.’ The dis-ease materializes in many ways from major illnesses to heart ailments, back problems and headaches. The healing that comes through me works on the physical, mental and emotional levels.”

The healing process is fairly straightforward. First the healer places his hands on the patient according to where the healing is needed. Some people feel the energy from the healer’s hands as a warm glow or a sensation. Most experience an immediate sense of well-being. “I am only the conduit and cannot take credit for the healings, not can I accept condemnation for healings that do not take place.”

Dr. Fine’s healing powers are very real, and he never takes a patient away from their own doctor. “I don’t remember more than one or two cases of people not receiving their healing from me,” he explains. “I work with patients who have AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, emotional and mental problems, and many others.” Some of Dr. Fine’s patients tell him that they still have the pain, but somehow they feel better or are more at peace. And they have a higher level of energy. “They then begin to have a new zest for life and the ability to accept their relationship with themselves and their problem, as well as with God and the world around them,” explains Dr. Fine. “Being at peace is so much more important than the problem itself. With this sense of peace at hand the patient begins the process of getting well.”

While Dr. Fine,, has experienced many successes, at the same time he cautions his patients not to look for miracles or instant healing. Sometimes a patient will need more ‘treatments’ than others. “It’s a process,” explains Dr. Fine. “It’s not me doing the healing. I’m the conduit and it’s the ‘power above’ working within me that does the healing. If the patient is meant to be healed, they will be. If someone says, “you can’t help me,” then I can’t. They have to have an open mind. I find my abilities to be most effective with patients who have serious diseases, structural weaknesses, heart ailments, and mental and emotional problems that may or may not manifest themselves physically.”

One patient comments: “I have been disabled for 12 years because of my chemical sensitivity. I’m allergic to perfumes, cleaning fluids, and pesticides. Dr. Fine, I‘ve never known anyone quite like him. It’s spiritual, it’s a talent, it’s a gift. He has the touch and an intuitive sense that he knows where it’s hurting mentally and spiritually. I had some abusive situations in my early childhood. I remember having nightmares, but I couldn’t remember what they were. Working with Dr. Fine I found the reason was that I was abused as a child. It was very painful, but Dr. Fine helped me.” Dr. Fine has worked with many women who have been sexually abused and has been successful in taking the hurt, shame and pain away.

After graduating from New York University, Dr. Fine began his professional life as a social worker. “I always wanted to care for people. Despite my experiences, in those early years, I was not yet ready to call myself a healer, but I still wanted to work with people.” After 55 years as a healer, Dr. Fine says he has had greater successes with people who have a ‘high moral fiber.’ “They have eliminated the anger, hatred, disrespect and negativity from their thoughts,” he says. “Still others who do not follow this higher road and receive a healing, have had such a profound experience that they have been able to turn their lives completely around for the better.”

For more information, please contact Dr. Irwin Fine at 909.902.6064, Fax: 909.902.5803,, website:
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  1. I have had chronic neck pain in the right side of my body for almost 4 years. I need to meet you and see if you can heal me. I am in constant pain and it affects my relationships, my school, and work. I need to receive healing because I think I am at the end of my rope. I live in Maryland. Can you make a recommendation to a healer here or do you visit other states? Thank you.

  2. Dear Maria,
    Better use the contact info at the bottom of the article to reach him directly.

  3. My son, who is five, is intrigued by healing. He keeps asking me when he is going to get the gift of healing. Because he is so interested, we have prayed that he be blessed with that gift. My question is: How do we check to see if he has this gift without disappointing him if he doesn’t? He sure has the faith that he is going to get it, and I hate to see him lose that faith. Should we see if he can heal a person right off, or should we start on an animal? I am going to study healing in the Bible and share techniques with him before we try anything. Thanks for your help.

  4. i also have the gift of healing and by reading what your article i have learned more and more on how the gift operates.

  5. Good morning,
    I was just blessed by your Story. I was called upon to talk about the gifts of healing on a panel, and I would just like to ask you if you can give me some highlighters or pointers on what I could say that would be a blessing to the people. Thanks

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    There are two of us who are interested in Dr. Fine’s work. Please let me know how much it costs. Also, I am in Va. NC areas. Please email me, and tell me how much over the phone from VA to CA. Thank you very much. Barbara

  7. Dear Barbara,

    Better use the contact info at the bottom of the article to reach Dr. Irwin Fine directly.