Apr 132002

This meditation is shared by Vicki Woodyard

Nurturing the Now is my concept of living in the present moment. You simply can’t be any other place or in any other time, so why try? We keep trying because the mental mechanism is geared that way. It takes a definite decision to leave pain and suffering, even for a little while. But the payoff is priceless. You must yearn to return…. to the living experience that you are.

Begin by watching your breath go in and out. Follow it and it will soon slow down. Begin watching your thoughts as they try to scramble out of the present and make a dash into the future or the comfy, cozy past. Actually, as my spiritual teacher said…..”Wasn’t it bad enough at the time?” Of course it was, but sentimentality likes to suffer. It embellishes the past with rosy-hued resentment and the seductive slow-burn of being a victim of this or that. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now-consciousness is always newly-minted. You can only surrender and watch what happens. There is no expectancy or fear….. just a commitment to be a witness to what is, which is always a mystery. Prefer mystery to history and you will have it.

Vicki Woodyard

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