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This message is shared by Yaël and Doug Powell

It Is In Giving That The Movement of Creation Is Revealed

First, I held within Me, in Love,
an idea,
all parts suspending themselves
in the sea of Love that is My consciousness.
This was phase one of the “First Split,”
the negative receiving energy.
The Womb. The Circle.
The held breath that contains all things.
Then, I willed it to be so!

My energy rose up and up in the desire
to express all that was within Me.
The second part of the “First Split” occurred.
From the One there came Two,
the positive and the negative.
The Circle, the Womb,
and the Line, the Arrow,
the Will which gives direction,
that “stirs the ethers”
of the Womb and brings forth Life<>

New Life.
All Creation that is alive,
moving, growing, expanding,
is alive as a result of these two energies.
Thus, we come to the awakening of humankind
and the crucial nature
of the SoulMate couples.

Dear ones,
although Creation is ever evolving
through the interaction of these energies,
this is a time when their use
is critical.
For to understand
what must be brought forth in Love,
the “idea” must
be held perfectly,
in the greatest, most tender devotion
by the Divine Feminine.
Then it must be sparked into Life
by the Divine Masculine.

This is why you are now on Earth.

I am here, My beloved humanity. I am here, holding you perfectly in Love. And in that Love is your perfection. In that Love is your fulfillment. In that Love is the gift of your awakening to who and what you are. And in that Love lie the answers to every question that has plagued humankind – every doubt, every confusion, and every pain. All the disillusionment. All of those things that have ever made humans pause and say, “but If God loves us, how is it possible that such negativity would exist?”

Now it is time for you to remember Love, to turn your precious faces back to Me. As My Love lifts you and warms your hearts once again, dear ones, you will know effortlessly all of the answers. Because the moment you say “Yes” to Love, the moment you allow the warm sun of Love to thaw the frozen core of fear within you, it will be obvious. It will be obvious from that moment that you have been playing in the shadows. It will be obvious that it could only exist – the injustice and pain – because you were living on less than you were ever meant to be. Do you know how a watch, when the battery is running out, begins to do crazy things? Suddenly it starts running minutes randomly, blinking, changing times, and making no sense? This has been the case with humanity now for far too long. Why? Because fear and ego have had My beloved children turned away from Me. Away from Love. Away from the light that is your energy source. Away from the knowledge of your identity, and with the loss of that knowledge you were cut off from the source of your life, the energy that fuels you. You were cut off from Love.

Now, My beloved ones, I am turning your precious eyes homeward. I am calling to you and you cannot resist because Love is your nature, as it is Mine. I want to tell you some important things. The first: I am very proud of you. I am proud that even though you were running on so little energy, even though you were facing away from the sun of My Love, even though the ego has been ruling the world, your hearts still belong to Me.

I want you to feel the blessedness of your true state, beloved ones. Quickly. I want you to realize that I have never ever doubted, even for an instant, that your hearts were Mine. I have loved. I have waited. I have watched as you grew into strong individuals. For this was always our plan. We did not expect, you and I, that so much would happen to pull you in directions away from Me. We knew it would be challenging – but because of your important free will, there were choices to be made that none could foresee.

We agreed, then, as we still agree now, that together we would be Love as The All (Me) and Love as The Movement into new, expanded, delightful things (you!). And when this time came as the millennium approached, all that I trusted was proven to Me, for those who could see promised their assistance to those who could not, that all of you could turn your faces back to Me.

I say this to you to express one important thing: My total Love for you and My complete forgiveness for all that has happened that was less than your perfection. I offer you also through the truth of your being, the doorway through which you can easily step to reclaim your full measure of Love immediately. To reclaim the energy, the light that will fuel you and bring you back to your full capacity. I offer you the gift of transforming all that must be balanced from things you have done while facing the shadows. This doorway, this key, this answer to your questions is giving Love to your SoulMate.

What a strange thing to say, you may be thinking. Of all the great possibilities for changing your life, of the thoughts mankind has entertained about repentance, karma, salvation and spirituality, how could this be the answer? Especially, you say, because very few people have their SoulMate! So does this mean that I am a tease? That I offer a grand opportunity only to reveal that it is only available to a tiny portion of humankind? These questions, I will answer.

I will say to you again, My beloved humanity, that absolutely every energy that exists in Creation is embodied at every level. Every galaxy is a grand and glorious being, within whom all that is within that system lives and moves. That being does as I do, and lovingly guides all that is within, as all that is within grows and expands that being. Your solar system is embodied; your Earth is a living being. Even Nature is clear and loving conscious beings holding the energy for a particular plant, or species or energy. Thus is Love also embodied at every level of every reality. Love is embodied as humanity most profoundly, because you are, literally, the cells of My heart. You are My progeny. Made in My image and likeness.Dear ones, this is true. Thus you are the embodiment of Love.

To some of you this is a review. To others it is a first awakening. Regardless, it is very important that you keep this in front of you daily, hourly, for in so doing you will be granted your awakening. In ever deeper experience of this truth. In ever-wider range in your life as you expand your capacity to say “yes” to your truth. So I say to you now that it is imperative that you open your heart, your mind, and your spirit to the proof of Love in your life. I ask you to understand that Love must be standing in front of you, as soon as you remember who you are. As you turn your beloved faces back to the light of My presence. As above, so below. As within, so without. So Love will manifest in your life, as will all good things that you embrace in your consciousness. The way to jump start this process is to understand the other fundamental of Love. Love is always given. That is the nature of Love.

Yaël Powell began receiving Messages from God in 1983 during her daily meditations. When she and Doug met and married in 1986, the Messages suddenly blossomed into a powerful, living daily communion. Doug and Yaël were made aware of their relationship as SoulMates and the teaching began in earnest.
These Messages are a gift from God through Yaël and Doug Powell. If you would like to receive monthly Messages from God, please email us and we will add you to our list. Additional Messages can be found on our web site, www.circleoflight.net. You may order a copy of our first book, SAY “YES” TO LOVE, God Explains SoulMates through Yael and Doug Powell online or email sayyes@circleoflight.net
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  6 Responses to “True Soulmate Love Is Your Destiny”

  1. who is my real,real,true soulmate

  2. please can you tell me if blake is my soulmate?

  3. Dear Cara,

    If I may paraphrase a passage from the book ‘A Course in Miracles’ a little bit: “The loving thoughts your mind perceives in this world are the world’s only reality.” [see: ACIM, Text 11.VII.2]

    A ‘soulmate’ is the living witness of my own commitment, my own acceptance, my own trust that I am Love.

    This witness is not personal, nor is it special. It may seem to come and go and appear in many different relationships at many different occasions because it’s really a reflection of my own state of mind that goes with me wherever I go.

    The goal I’ve set is what makes all the difference in every experience of my life, no matter what the odds seem to be.

    In committing myself to inner guidance I’m setting a goal (without making a fuss about it) and finding life responding accordingly.

    When that condition of unconditional surrender to inner guidance is met (which can appear as an idea that comes to mind), soulmates cannot help but find each other – everywhere.

    “You do not want the world. The only thing of value in it is whatever part of it you look upon with love. This gives it the only reality it will ever have. Its value is not in itself, but yours is in you. As self-value comes from self-extension, so does the perception of self-value come from the extension of loving thoughts outward.” [ACIM, Text-12.VI.3]

    “When you want only love you will see nothing else. The contradictory nature of the witnesses you perceive is merely the reflection of your conflicting invitations.” [ACIM, Text 12.VII.8:1]

    “Love, too, is recognized by its messengers. If you make love manifest, its messengers will come to you because you invited them.” [ACIM, Text 12.VII.8:5]

    The favorite subject of soulmates has come up here before, of course, and here’s a link to some posts about it in the practical spirituality forum.

  4. It was a beautiful poem, hope I find love as special one day.

  5. longlastinglove

  6. True love can be like a desert flower. Surviving under the toughest conditions.