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This story is shared by Norah Griggs

Sitting happily at our table at the Health Fair, a man walks up to browse and look at our display. “Would you like to buy a raffle ticket?” we ask.

“NO!” he snaps at us quickly, “I’m a Christian.”

Startled, I look over the items we were raffling and found nothing that had anything to do with the subject he was talking about, for or against. “Well, I am too,” the Lady sitting beside me says.

“Not necessarily” the man snaps. Raring up like a rooster in a henhouse full of other roosters, and only one hen.
(Sorry, some of my redneck coming out)

And with a woman’s intuition we both turn our heads, because we know he is there for a debate, (I say debate now instead of fight, because now that I’m older, I learned to realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we have a right to discuss our differences with one another, “If” we choose to do so).

He stands there for a little while hoping that we too are the type who needs to have the last word, but we do not bite, allowing him to have the last word.

He turns to leave.

“Gee,” we go to one another, “why did he say that?” The woman asks me with a confused look on her face.

“I’m not sure,” I say, “but, I found out its best not to argue the issue, especially in a public place whether these people are right or wrong. It’s not what they are after. I believe it is the attention they seek.” “Also,” I said jokingly, “sometimes I wonder, if back in the olden days, if I would be someone they would burn at the stake, because I like to drink a nice hot cup of Echinacea tea to help prevent myself from getting a cold in the winter time.” (This, I will never know)

Taking a short break I walk out into the hallway, and I see another person standing at a table, and the woman is telling him of the natural benefits of one of her products, to help lower cholesterol, with no side effects. “But!” he argues, “My insurance won’t pay for this.”

And being of limited funds myself I shake my head in agreement because, yes, this is true, it’s too bad a natural product is not accepted by our insurance companies.

But then another thought strikes me: “Well if they did, then broccoli and cauliflower and all fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables would be paid for.”

“Oh all right, makes sense,” I say to myself smacking my forehead. (Don’t you just love how you can answer your own questions sometime?)

Returning to our table, the day goes by with ease. People come up to the table listen and learn and validate.
Suddenly another person comes up to the table, and looks me straight in the eye and says, “Do you believe in God?”

“Yes, I do,” I respond with confidence, and she nods and walks away. “Hmm weird,” I think, “do I have something stamped on my forehead?” I quickly go to find a mirror, nope, nothing there.

What is it? What is this mystery?

Some of you may know me, and some do not, my name is Norah Griggs, the author of Rocklady, the building of a labyrinth.

I have sold many copies and have had only two (that I know of, ha-ha) negative responses; one was about how I was against God, and one person who wouldn’t read it because they themselves didn’t believe in God.

If I had let this bother me, I would be like a perpetual spinning coin, and never know what side is up. I do know one thing, (because it happened to me), those of you who have read my book, know that it is just one woman’s view of how she fought back ‘naturally’ on beating an illness, and a few other inspiring influential stories of lessons I learned in my life.

Sometimes, I think if I had named it, “Being eaten alive by toxins” and wrote about how I didn’t take a natural approach, and made the drug companies happy and wealthy, as I filled my prescriptions for each organ that the poison slowly destroyed through time; it may have sold more copies. (This, I will never know)

Please understand, I didn’t write about a cure, nor did I intend for it to cause religious battles. I wrote about a “fight” to regain my health.

My intentions with writing a petite book, instead of a long drawn out one, is that one: I am a woman of few words (yeah right) and two: I wanted it to be an easy read, so that the reader could experience
that refreshing feeling you have when you have finished a good book, to close it and lay it down, and say to yourself yes I am going to start today to take control and do something positive with my own life, and to respect others and their feelings.

My answer to myself when I begin to wonder on life as we know it is how wonderful it is to live in a world where there is such a diversity of people. Each having their own opinion, likes and dislikes, their own programs at night that they watch with their own special snack to eat as they watch it.

And the different types of books, oh my goodness, mysteries, romance, thrillers, fiction, and non-fiction. Wow, how great it is to read and learn.

Through the years I have learned many lessons, my most recent memorable one on how much I love people and the fact that we are all different, but yet the same is this one.

In April of this year while on a trip to Minneapolis, MN, my friends and I went to a Bonnie Raitt concert. There wasn’t an empty seat in the huge auditorium, and we sat on the second row from the very back.I could just make out Bonnie on stage, through the sea of heads in front of me, big heads, small heads, short heads, tall heads, etc. etc.

We were all swaying to the music and having a great time, when she began to sing a slow beautiful love song, and I focused in on all the heads, slowly, swaying in unison with the rhythm, not a sound was coming from the people, just her words and voice floating through the air.

It moved me to tears. (Yes, I do cry in public when I’m happy. It is one of the honors I earned while falling through that tunnel of confusion, and finally plopping into the Wise Woman stage of my life.) I realized that at that moment in time that all those people, coming from all walks of life, at that moment were in the very same place, not just the building, but, the place we all struggle with, our unity with one another.

And people let me tell you, its’ a wonderful place to be.

It felt like, to me, like we were in a big warm sun shiny bubble, suspended in time and nothing was felt at that point in time, but a thing called perfect bliss, and I thanked God for giving me the opportunity, and the insight to become aware of the beauty of unity, and knowing now that it is possible.

And I think I will stay right here in my own little, let’s spread love around debate less world.

Love & Peace,

Norah Griggs

website: Rocklady, the building of a labyrinth www.rocklady.ws
e-mail: norah@rocklady.ws
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