May 112003

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The media (communicating factor), in all if its manifestations, can be thought of as the “Dr Frankenstein” of our world’s society. The media has caused a monstrous vibration of fear. Fear tends to surface with the faces of jealousy, anger and hatred. Much of what we label as “entertainment” has proven to be a recipe for disaster! Is it not obvious? Most of society is addicted to the media’s drama.

I choose to feed off the minority of media pioneers who spread the vibration of unconditional, universal love. There is much pain in the world right now, and many questions are arising. Why are we here? Who are we? How can we heal?

I’d like to suggest that we are here to find our way back to the unconditional, universal love that created this remembrance game. I’d like to suggest that we are all sparks of one, eternal, universal life force … one, self-existing creator.

Simply put, life is a family. We have been conditioned to see through the perspective of the ego.

Ego tells us that we are separate from life’s family. Ego tells us that we need to have external control over each other. Ego is the matrix that we chose to experience here on earth.

I’d imagine that many won’t agree with this view. That is beautiful. There is beauty in the fact that there are so many different perspectives. There is also beauty in what we all can agree on.

For the sake of our potential existence, let’s examine cause and effect. How much love will it take to heal humanity? Regardless of how much you know about spiritual matters, your effect on others depends on the emotions you share. Love heals, fear hurts. I’d like to suggest that we cannot hide our emotions from the rest of life’s family. We cannot hide from the intentions we hold. We receive the fear or the love that we give. This is widely known as “Karma,” the universal law of cause and effect. Our intentions are karmic reflections.

There is a silent, unseen media of emotion that permeates throughout our earthly body. This unseen media often communicates the ego’s perspective and the fear that accompanies it. This unseen media lives within the visible media that is yet to collectively tell a vision of global reverence.

Now, holds the opportunity to heal. Now, we can choose to appreciate existence! Throughout history, there have been individuals who were able to become love. These beings of light represent the potential evolution of humanity. They remind us that without our love’s evolution, our evolution is stagnant! Love is our only profit. Only love can save our planet. May we plant the seeds of our love each and every day. May we become the media and truly tell a vision!

Yaron Fishman



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