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This poem is shared by Andrew Pell

The veil is lifted, they follow a bright light.

A place of tranquillity before them appears;

They see familiar faces of long ago. There is no night.

A place of wonder and of rest, there are no longer any fears.

You are not alone when you cross over to the other side,

For a short time you will rest and there abide.

You may rest for many hundreds of years or for a single day.

The reality is that you are not dead, you are in another dimension, another place.

Converse with the souls who have gone before, listen to what they have to say.

There is no punishment, nor judgement will you face.

Your life will be shown to you like a panoramic movie.

You will see and feel much happiness, and sadness for the people that you have hurt.

You will feel great remorse, but an overwhelming and unconditional love will set you free.

You will help others who follow the same bright light,

Then you will accept the mission to return once more.

To incarnate again in this earthly plane.

You will only have glimpses and intuition of your time before.

The veil will be closed again, once more you will experience the pain.

You have been sent back for more lessons to learn.

You will be given guidance and wisdom to help you discern.

Then when your time has come to a close, once more you will follow the light.

Then you will rest again and experience the overwhelming love.

Once more the beautiful surroundings will unfold before you, what a wonderful sight.

The loved ones who have gone before, are there to be with you to give you love.

The colours are so clear and so beautiful. This is the true reality.

The being of light appears again, and takes us by the hand.

We shed a tear, for a brief moment we just stand.

He commands us to go back again, for the Karmic debt must be paid.

We accept the mission, the veil is closed again, we are not afraid.

The cycle continues one more time after this.

Then we become one of the angelic beings, whose service to mankind is eternal bliss.

Let not the darkness overpower you on this earthly plane.

Strive for the light and the light will forever with you remain.

Andrew Pell

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