Jul 242003

Some people make and keep floppies and some don’t. I am one of those who didn’t. A recent hard-disc failure destroyed all my records and writings. Yes, I am a little sad. But nothings happens without reason. Right now I will say this is my chance to start afresh.

When I took this decision, I almost immediately found my way back to friends of the spirit, like Ronna Herman, and discovered the latest message she has channelled from Archangel Michael. This message tells me a lot of things I need right now. Well, yes, I know and we all know everything, but it’s lovely to be reminded –

You are loved beyond measure.

So even if we don’t answer e-mail promptly and miss out on posting journal pages and committed other sins of omission and commission, somewhere we are still loved beyond measure. And we know that God who is Love, is the Supreme Universal Energy into which we can tap, if only we would be still.

Your soul mind has a never-ending supply of fresh ideas and creative thought forms just waiting for you to tap into them.

Here is the problem – if we want to make it a problem. This is such a wonderful world, with so much to do and so much to learn – tapping into the energy of love beyond measure needs greater stillness than we normally achieve…

Your intuitive mind, or that small inner voice, will always point you in the right direction and help you make the right decision if you will only listen….. When you align your will with the Creator’s Will you will be placed among the Builders of Form. Examine your mental beliefs and how you process information.

This has been a stumbling block in my life, because I did not know the Creator’s Will and sometimes doubted those who so confidently informed me what God wants from me. Well, here is something I really needed to be reminded of – and hope sharing it will do good somewhere.

Sir Martin Brofman, a distinguished teacher was introduced to me recently (by a friend who gave me his name, and his web-page that gives information about the Body Mirror System of Healing) says:

We can say that we have an inner guidance system,
a connection to our Higher Self, or our Inner Being,
or whatever name we choose to give this Higher
Intelligence. This inner guidance system functions
through what we call our intuition or our instinct.
It speaks a very simple language:

Either it feels good or it doesn’t.

The rest is just politics.