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Of late I have been using the Huna Prayer for Perfect Health. It appeals to the Beloved Presence of God, and Inner Plane Ascended Masters and the Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, Beloved Holy Spirit, The MAT Healing Team, Dr. Lorphan of Sirius, Beloved Sai Baba, Vywamus, The Seraphim of Healing Angels, Lord of Arcturus, The Peiadian Emissaries of Light, The Ascended Master Sananda, The Archangel Gabriel and Hope, and every Master Healer.

Why Huna? It reminded me of the delightful book “The Miracle of Mana Force” by Madeleine C. Morris, that came to me a little before I was ready for it. She learned the secrets of Mana from the Kahunas of Hawai, which are similar to the secrets of Prana and Kundalini.

And who is Doctor Lorphan of Sirius? I asked my search engine and it received the key to the good doctor’s Healing Academy, written by Dr. Joshua David Stone. Dr. Lorphan is David’s doctor, and he “lives in the Great White Lodge of Sirius” Here is what I read and want to share with you:

“Everyone on the spiritual path has to deal with health lessons. No one escapes this. Some people’s physical body may be weaker than others, other people may have weaker emotional or mental bodies. Every one who is on an accelerated spiritual path will have physical health lessons to content with. One light worker may have health problems from doing too much meditation, another because emotional lessons are going through the mind. Others may develop health problems by being too “heavenly” and not sufficiently grounded.

Physical health lessons are not bad. They are part and parcel of the spiritual path. Sometimes light workers are very judgemental and self-righteous when dealing with people who have health lessons, making people feel bad by intonating that they are doing something wrong and that they should figure out the cause immediately.

I am here to tell you, my beloved readers, that their physical health lessons may be a sign that they are doing something right. It may just be a sign that they are growing spiritually at a very accelerated rate. It may also be a sign that they are doing a cleansing to reach a more purified level of GOD Realization.”

The First Lesson for me is to stop blaming myself for my ills. The Second Lesson is to remember at all times to be compassionate and help people to feel more comfortable about their ailments. The Third Lesson (that seems to have come from the Master directly as I write this) is:


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  1. Nov.15 2005. Belgaum.


    I first bought The Secret Of Mana-Force in 1985 or 1986. I must have read it 50 times then, liked it, and also practiced the routines faithfully. It was a much-cherished and much-loved book. Around 1990 I lost it. Ever since then, until Sep. 2005, I missed it and searched it everywhere. I wanted it badly.

    Around Aug.2005 I gathered enough MF and sent it to my HS along with a request that I should get it. I needed it badly. Quietly, over the next few days, I forgot everything about this request.

    In Sep.2005 I went to Bombay. It was a surprise and emergency call by one of my uncle, he promised me a lot of help in my work, but when I met him in Govandi (a small town on the outskirts of Bombay) he ditched and hurt me. The next day I was aimlessly roaming on D.N.Road, at VT, (the other end and heart of of Bombay’s business, far away from Govandi), and as I was nearing Taraporewala Sons and Co., I remembered having bought this book there in 1985-86. Casually I enterered this shop and asked the manager about some book titled mana-force-power… I didn’t even remembered the title properly.

    To my surprise he said that the book was out of print and stock, but he had only one copy left! Was I interested in buying that? He asked. I saw this old book, lying quietly in his pvt cabin. I bought it, and also got a discount!! The last copy, waiting for me I suppose, lying there in a corner, reprinted in 1984!!! Was it there waiting for me over so many years? Did my LS and HS lead me to it?

    Did my LS (subconscious) actually went out there and reserved it for me? Was my uncle’s emergency call just a coinsidence? Did my mana-force routine actually worked? Many times in the past it worked positively for me. This was yet another case I believe. And I am thankful.

    Just one reminder though:
    You have to F-O-R-G-E-T about your wish after doing the routine. In other words, after “seeing” your objective fulfilled, put away the wish, … don’t hold onto it, … let it actually go away into the ether so that it can come back your wish. You must release IT and then only the wish will be granted. If LS and HS AGREE, then nothing is really impossible!

    The BOOK is in front of me. Lost for more than 10 years, but it came back to me in due time. Was this a miracle? What actually is a miracle? A natural action whose ultra scientific working is not yet known to mankind!! Someday, like the radio’s singing (remember what a radio looked like!), like the aeroplane’s flight, and like the moon-mission, these miracles will be easily achieved through the powers of subconscious and Mana. I hope to be around to see that day! I do believe that the days of subconscious programming have already started. Have you read about thought-guidence attak/defence systems used in modern war-planes? Have you wondered why the animals fled from the sunami and earth-quake sites, when man and his ultra-modern scientific instruments were taken by surprise. It is hard o believe, but the signals/vibrations of forthcomming danger were better grasped by the subconscious of the animals, and the man depended upon outside machines. Are our senses dulled by the machines around us? What will happen to us when the Petrol/Gas runs out? When the ozone layer gets much bigger? Can we use our LS and HS to find ways of survival? Can we all collectively cause another miracle? Can we “re-invent the wheel” yet again?

    Hope this helps somebody out there…
    Thank you Ms. Madeleine Morris,
    Thanks and God bless

    Dr. Santosh Bhangle

  2. Hello once again: :)

    It is a pleasant feeling to come back after more than 2 years and add more positive remarks! I have taught many of this book’s techniques to many clients and almost all have reported very good results after using those techniques daily. This book hasn’t failed to create real balance in my client’s life. I am a fengshui practitioner and am glad to say that I free use the mana techniques mentioned in this book.

    Thanks once again,

    God bless!

  3. I have been starting to read the book in detail for weeks, but I don’t really understand the techniques, because the book’s version is in Indonesian. I really want to believe that the Mana force is really exist.