Sep 072003

If you want to be happy,
set a goal that commands your thoughts,
liberates your energy,
and inspires your hopes.

When I found this little wisdom at the back of an old exercise book, (noted, filed, forgotten) my thoughts immediately went to the Saraswati Community for Rural Transformation (a very worthy project of mine if I may say so).

And suddenly another thought came: Heh, what are you doing? Running away again from what should have top priority – namely your health. There is no point in engaging the help of friends, getting attention and white pills and spiritual advice, when you don’t make time for the simplest, most elementary discipline of reprogramming your mind. You know very well that illness is caused by blockages in the chakras, and they don’t unblock themselves without your participation.

In Yoga we learn that Manipur Chakra, the Solar Plexus also known as the Yellow Chakra, is sort of a “brain”. From Martin Brofman’s Body Mirror System of Healing we can see it as part of the mental body that influences not only stomach, liver, pancreas and large intestines, but also skin, muscles and eye-sight.

Personality develops in accordance with spirit. When society prevents us from living our own truth, there is tension, and tension causes illness. In order to avoid tension, we could try living in those parts of society where our ways and values are shared.

Intelligence lies in using the mind only when needed. This seems to me a very intelligent statement. One of the secrets of problem solving is to clear the mind – so that the solution can appear.

My solutions have taken the face of an aryuvedic doctor, who has been “magnetized” to me and will help me to overcome my health problems.

Let me now enjoy and share the Goal of Perfect Health.