Oct 142003

When the pupil is ready, the Master appears. Today I am ready to see:

Truth is what I am.
Only when I am simply willing to accept
That my own thinking power,
My own proud suffering,
Is not getting me anywhere near the truth,
Can insight come.

Being the way love communicates
With every illusion that asks for it,
Needs no preparation —
Only a moment of peace.

This moment may come
When I have exhausted myself completely
In producing bitter thoughts
And am sick and tired of the resulting experience.
But there must be a better way.

Just to recognize that I am really making a mess of it,
To be willing to give it all up
And let reality-peace-love-God take over,
Is already enough for insight to come,
No matter what is supposed to have happened in “the past”
Or is expected to happen in “the future.”

If you need the complete article, posted by Stan 08/31/2003, go to http://www.powertoshare.com/forums/practicalspirituality/posts/1059.html. It relates to a discussion: “Does reality create illusions?” This seems to me like a black hole question. I am content to see reality as the opposite of illusion, yet intuit a still larger reality, THE ONE GOD containing both.

Meanwhile I have work to do. Like putting an extra crew of thought watchers to eliminate bitter thoughts. Like signing a new peace treaty with myself. Like being patient with “Hem and Haw” and allow them to find their own cheese. (Nice little book “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Dr. Spencer Johnson.) Shows you How To:

Anticipate Change
Adapt to Change Quickly
Enjoy Change
Be ready to change quickly, again and again

Love, Light, Peace, Truth.

  One Response to “Truth is what I am”

  1. “When the pupil is ready, the Master appears. Today I am ready to see……..”

    What a beautiful, wonderful thing to say and confront…really..”When the pupil is ready, the Master appears.” Wow. What an honor.

    One must respect it’s Master. However,
    what if it is really the Pupil who arrived for the Master? Are the same levels of respect and joy returned to the pupil? If not, does the master really deserve to be called a master? And the real illusion is….”Who is the real Master?” Whatever we allow our mind to create for us is one thing. But accepting it is another. To allow soul, if it is pure, of course, to override ego and mind, can cut through illusions.

    Yes…I would have to agree that “Insights” do indeed need quiet time and peace. And when those moments happen are like dreaming while conciousness.

    “Does reality create illusions?”

    Possibly. It all depends how the perceiver
    extends that understanding to the receiver.
    And if the receiver wants to chose to believe
    that thought. Depending on where that thought
    generated from. Whether it is from ego or humility. And choses what to trust…
    This, ultimatly, can call for the external and ending result.
    EX: Do you as a human allow your ego to override your soul, spirit ? OR…do you allow your spirit
    soul to guide you?

    And given that the perceiver becomes a receiver…and the receiver becomes a perceiver…can thus create illusions through
    one’s understanding of reality. So, in
    retrospect, I would have to say, “Yes.”
    “One’s reality can indeed create illusions. And illusions can indeed assist in creating one’s reality.” But, then again, this is just my opinion.