Nov 302003

This meditation is shared by Guy Finley

We must not fear these wild pulsations of hope-filled feelings too deep to hold . . . for they have an accord with themselves, and their own path to follow.

These sometimes too strong stirrings of that unbearable wish for a compassion that can embrace all of creation must not be dampened simply because we don’t understand the pressing of their presence in us. They are not asking us to know what they want: These forces are self-organizing.

They race and swirl and disrupt and digest all in their path because they are building something anew from themselves within us . . . so that we must turn them loose; let go of what we might hope to extract from them and, instead, allow them to exact their Celestial influences upon our soul.

These energies are the New Blood: they are stirrings of Spirit that speak to us in wild pulsations whose origins are the stars. We cannot know their native language anymore than our physical ears can hear the Intelligence inherent in the Light — which is why we must allow their impressions to assemble within us without interference.

They seek to build a New Universe of infinite individual galaxies; and we — each of us — are their Deep Space. We are created for this eternal nurturing. In this way each of us is the whole, but only if we accept our part in this Revelation.

Guy Finley

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