Apr 272004

“Jesus answered him, “You would have no power over me unless it had been given you from above; therefore he who delivered me to you has the greater sin.” (John 19: 11)

Imagine someone thinks s/he has power over you and you feel scared in his presence. What if the real truth is the reverse, that you have consciously given away your power to the other? Would you still be afraid of the other? How do you think the other person will react now that he realises that you had consciously given him your power? He has no hold over you and never had. It’s like people who believe they have the power to take another’s life. What if after killing someone the murderer is shown the person ‘waking up,’ albeit in another reality, fit, well and happier for the experience? The murderer is bound to feel miffed because he never had any power in the first place. To consciously give away your power to someone or something is to have your full power. Someone (or something) only has power over you if s/he thinks it was forcibly taken from you. What is my point here? All will be revealed.

I am a big fan of the sci-fi TV series, Star Trek Next Generation and Voyager. The ship has a Holo-deck, a room where one can experience realities based on programmes you have written. You could choose to co-create programmes like Harry Kim and his best friend, Tom Paris, do from time to time. You can even collaborate with many people to create a reality which many people can experience at the same time. Once the programme has been written, the writer runs the programme, or simulation, in the Holo-deck where he experiences that reality. The creator, also the star of the simulation, is always aware of his real identity and never forgets he is in a simulation. In some episodes of Star Trek there’s been a fault in the programme, or someone has tampered with it, where the star is stuck in the programme and the Holo-characters have turned against him. For instance, someone could write a programme where he’s involved in a battle but not getting injured as he is obviously invulnerable. When the programme has been tampered with, the person within the programme ends up being vulnerable to injury or the Holo-deck characters start acting out of character. Once the problem is sorted out the writer exits the programme by saying: “Computer, end programme!”

I believe the Holo-deck and holo-programmes are great analogies to describe our experiences here on earth. Each of us has written programmes to experience life, taking into account the Main Programme that is constantly running. When we incarnate, our particular simulation integrates with the Main Programme. This Main Programme is a collective programme of beliefs that help to limit one within the 3-D version of reality. So intense is this programme that it lets you forget what your original personal programme was and you end up believing the Main Programme is reality. Some people end up stuck in the Main Programme for a long time, lifetimes even, until they wake up to their true identity as creator of their own programme which is integrated within the Main Programme.

Yesterday on my way home I observed houses, cars, buses, bikes, people, shops, petrol stations etc. For me, they were just simulations to experience life. A house may represent shelter or protection for someone but there are many people living in ‘safe’ or well-to-do neighbourhoods who still experience fear. Thus, a house simulation is not about protection or shelter on the human level but about expressing spiritual qualities. You are protected and feel protected wherever you are because you are Protection. The house of itself can never provide that, it is simply part of the Main Programme. You see, the purpose of the Main Programme simulation is to create distractions from your personal programme. Thus, if you’re looking for protection from a house, what happens is you end up creating something to be protected against. To fit your house with an alarm system demonstrates fear of something and as you believe in defending yourself against someone or something, you will attract this experience in one form or another.

Waking up to my real identity is about realising that the One “I” wrote the programme of life I’m experiencing now. I chose to give my power to the Main Programme running at the time when I incarnated because its limiting beliefs were excellent tools to help remind me of who I am. Now it doesn’t mean that your whole life is completely resolved. In your personal programme you could have written various programmes running at the same time like diseases, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, disability etc. It doesn’t matter what tool you use to wake up, whether you realise that food has no hold over you and then leads you to your true identity that you are Spirit. Once you are awake there is no need to use other aspects of limitation to realise Self. One is enough. You can choose to end the programme i.e. disconnect yourself from the Main Programme and create a new one which fits in with your objective on earth.

The moment my purpose was fulfilled i.e. realising Self, there was no longer a need to continue the programme. It is now time to end that programme and re-write a new programme where I am experiencing life as my real Self. The way the mechanism works is the Main Programme automatically releases you as soon as you wake up to the fact that you had freely given away your power to it. I had been the one using it all along not vice versa. The Main Programme never had a hold on me.

As to the writer of these programmes: it is no other than the One Self, Spirit, the I Am That I Am.

Right then, here goes: “Computer, End Programme!”

Enocia Joseph