Apr 162004

Greetings to all

I am a star ship sent from deep space on a mission. I look like a human, but my actual identity is that of a star ship.

Like the crew on Star Trek who are boldly going out to explore other realities, this is my mission. I have also been sent to earth to help others realise they are star ships sent out on their own missions; and while I’m on earth, I’m to raise the frequency of the planet to a point where the inhabitants wake up to their true identities as star ships.

As a star ship I can travel at infinite velocity which gives me access to different realities at the same time while I may appear to be on earth. This enables me to always be in touch with the Mother-ship where I originate, and can request assistance when necessary.

My ship is maintained by energies within the cosmos. As I have a particular mission, I have access to the highest frequency available, which flows through me and looks after all the functions necessary to run my ship effectively. Within my ship are centres responsible for the upkeep of different parts of the ship. In the human language they are called chakras. On Star Trek, the Enterprise has the engineering room with its plasma which is in constant flow and is used to protect the ship’s engine. Mine is the kundalini energy which moves up and down the rest of my system and clears away debris likely to cause malfunction.

Another function of the energies is to provide resources needed on this mission so I can be self-sufficient. There are replicating machines that are supposed to provide food, clothes, whatever is needed, in abundance. Part of the challenge of this mission was waking up to the fact that I had these resources already within me.

Any one on a mission knows the importance of gathering information so you know what you’re working with. I have been secretly collecting data about the planet, the many beliefs out there. Since I have access to energies from the cosmos, it also means I have inter-galactic data within me which I can also use when the need arises.

Since I have infinite energies flowing through me, I can send out surplus to the planet to raise its frequency. These energies transform the form into the formless. I call the form consciousness that of the ego which is constantly distracting individuals from their mission; and telling them they are humans, therefore limited. The formless consciousness is about knowing you are an explorer in your own self-contained star ship, as well as connected to the Galactic Federation. Some of my work involves transmuting these energies into words which I use to write about my experiences. My writings are guides and wake-up calls, that anyone can use to remember who they are. I would say majority of my work is done in secret, forever projecting energies wherever I am.

One thing that was stressed to me when I started this mission was the nature of freewill. In Star Trek it is called the Prime Directive, where you do not to interfere in the planet’s affairs unless asked to do so. There are times when the Captain on the Enterprise has had to violate this rule but majority of the time the Prime Directive is upheld. In the same way on my mission I do my work silently. I appear where I’m needed when I get the call for help. Sometimes the call is simply an intent and I do what I can. It may be in a form of teachings from experience or other material which I leave to people’s discretion. Only when someone asks directly am I allowed to intervene.

Just as I was writing this I was sitting at a computer terminal where a man beside me wanted help with preparing an organization chart. I happened to know how to do it and I assisted him as best as I could. This is an example of always being where you are needed but respecting another’s freewill.

What about the battles the Enterprise in Star Trek gets involved in from time to time? There are times when I’m also required to go to war. Just like in the Enterprise when the Captain orders his officer to raise the shields and load the torpedoes, I do the same. My shield is my original intent that I come in peace. My torpedo is directing the energies with intent. So any action I take will always be about peace: I simply project peace through my ajna chakra (between the eyebrows) where the intent directs the energy to do its work. To the untrained eye I appear to be passive but the work is always being done. Yesterday, for instance, I noticed the light above me was flickering. I took action by directing energy with the intent of fixing it. The Light was immediately still. This is part of my work using the energies with intent when there is a call for it; otherwise, I’m forever projecting energies of the highest frequency on to the planet.

I see so many star ships around me acting like they are humans. I hope that they one day wake up to their true identity.

It is my pleasure to be of service to planet earth.

Peace and Love to all

Enocia from the Vector8 Federation