Apr 112004

The Ultimate Gift came to me as an act of kindness from Mr. Pandit, the Branch Manager of our friendly neighbourhood Bank, at the precise moment when I needed it most. The Ultimate Gift is a book by Jim Stovall, who is blind, yet has ranked among ten outstanding young Americans. This is his fourth book. He hosts a talk show and has already received the International Humanitarian Award.

Please ignore me when I occasionally point out that I am deaf, when it is precisely this affliction that gets me friends like Mr. Pandit.

Out of thirteen, let me at least pass one of the gifts to you.

This month you are going to get the gift of dreams
that belongs to all great men and women –
The Gift of Dreams.
Dreams are the essence of life, not as it is, but as it can be.
Dreams are born in the hearts and minds of very special people
but the fruit of those dreams
become reality and are enjoyed by the whole world.

My dreams always have (and still do) by far exceed my bank balance. In some way or other they always materialized. And at this moment I am able to cast my memory back forty years to the moment I asked myself what exactly did I want. Imagine my surprise when I found I already had most of it and could afford the rest if I curtailed my dreams, which of course I never did.

So while I always had the gift of dreams, I have now claimed a very large packet of the Gift of Gratitude. It seems like a great idea to spend five minutes in bed before getting up to make a list of ten things I can be grateful for.

Like: I have made it through another night.

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  1. Wonderful! I read this book in one go, enjoying and realizing the Gifts accumulated on me. Thank u, this blog refreshed my heart with one of the concepts said therein.